RV University Partners with Hombale Films to Launch School of Film, Media and Creative Arts

Bangalore, 3 June 2024: RV University (RVU) and Hombale Films have announced a strategic collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish the School of Film, Media, and Creative Arts (SoFMCA) at RVU’s Bengaluru campus. This partnership is poised to transform the landscape of undergraduate and postgraduate education in film, media, OTT and creative arts, offering students a unique blend of academic learning and industry exposure.

SoFMCA is set to welcome its first cohort of students in August 2024, with programmes designed to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of filmmaking and media production. The initiative promises to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical industry experience, preparing students for successful careers in these dynamic fields.

Commenting on RVU’s partnership with Hombale Films, Dr. M.P. Shyam, President of Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST, RVU’s parent sponsoring body) said, “RV University is committed to fostering innovation and excellence in education. Our partnership with Hombale Films to establish the School of Film, Media and Creative Arts is a testament to this commitment. This collaboration will not only provide our students with world-class training and industry exposure at one of the largest studio and production houses in the country, but also contribute significantly to the growth and evolution of the film and media industry in India and beyond through the next-generation filmmakers telling unique local stories using global techniques. We look forward to seeing our students thrive in this dynamic environment and emerge as filmmakers, film technicians and entertainment media entrepreneurs of global calibre and repute.”

Mr. Vijay Kiragandur, Founder of Hombale Films, articulated a visionary outlook for the partnership with RV University, a leader in quality education. He emphasised that the collaboration with RVU aims to nurture and empower the next generation of filmmakers and media professionals. Kiragandur envisions this initiative as a groundbreaking movement to cultivate visionary storytellers who will shape the future of global entertainment. He reiterated Hombale Films’ commitment to providing students with the tools and opportunities necessary to create impactful narratives on a global scale.

The School of Film, Media and Creative Arts will offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Film Making, Film Studies, Media Studies, Animation and Visual Effects, Film, TV and OTT, Film, Media and Cultural Studies. Among the notable offerings are special programmes in Direction for Professionals, aimed at skill-upgradation for existing crew and industry aspirants. Students will benefit from a unique learning model that combines classroom instruction with practical, on-location experience at Hombale Studios and Projects.

Additionally, the curriculum includes comprehensive courses in Film Direction, Screenwriting, Editing, Cinematography, Sound Design, VFX, Film Production and Management and Script Lab. The partnership also promises internship opportunities lasting 2-3 months, recruitment and job offers for talented final-year students, and potential sponsorship and funding for final-year student project films.

Masterclasses by renowned artists, directors, and senior technicians will further enrich the educational experience, providing students with insights and mentorship from industry veterans.

RV University’s SoFMCA aims to be a premier institution dedicated to providing high-quality education in film and media, with a focus on creative entrepreneurship and evolving skill sets in entertainment, OTT, new media, and related production and research in South Asia and beyond.

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