Safe way to introduce cow’s milk to babies

Any type of change needs to be gradual for it to be a pleasant experience for the affected people. The same applies to the change when you shift your baby from breast milk to cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd. Here are some guidelines that will help you achieve a smooth transition from breast milk to cow’s milk for your baby.

Wait till your child’s first birthday

As a rule of thumb, it is considered safe for the baby’s transition from breast milk to cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd when the baby reaches an age of one year. Before this point, the baby’s digestive system may not be entirely developed to process cow milk products. When the baby reaches one year of age, you can start giving cow milk products to the baby. Start gradually, for example in the first week, it can be in the ratio of 1:3, i.e. one portion of cow’s milk and 3 portions of breast milk. Then, if the baby seems happy and healthy, you can change the ratio to 2:2 in the second week. Similarly, you can make further changes as per your knowledge or as recommended by your pediatrician. Cow’s milk is loaded with essential nutrients and your baby’s digestive system needs time to adjust to the new food source.

Look out for any symptoms

Although cow milk products such as best full cream milk and organic curd are 100% safe and healthy for toddlers, you need to be careful and check for any symptoms. If you notice any rashes on the skin or any other unexplainable development, it is recommended that you consult a pediatrician. Such cases are rare, but still you need to be careful. In most such cases, it’s nothing serious other than the baby’s body trying to adjust to the new food source.

Ensure feeding equipment is 100% clean

Babies and toddlers are prone to infection, so make sure that the feeding equipment you are using, such as milk bottles are 100% bacteria free. Cleaning the equipment withhot water and soap is a safe and cheap way to neutralize any harmful pathogens. You should also boil the milk and then let it rest till it reaches lukewarm temperature before giving it to your baby. Although milk is pasteurized and can be consumed directly, it’s better to boil it, especially in case of babies.


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