Salesforce announces first edition of the Great India Sales & Marketing Summit

Bengaluru, INDIA — May 21 — Salesforce India is organizing the first edition of the Great India Sales & Marketing Summit. This virtual gathering is designed to empower attendees with invaluable insights into cutting-edge technologies such as AI and their profound impact on sales and marketing functions.

The mission is to elevate skill sets and foster growth among participants through enlightening discussions and expert-led masterclasses. Attendees can expect unparalleled inspiration from celebrity sessions tailored to accelerate the growth of burgeoning businesses.

Learn from the greatest minds:

The CEO of Salesforce India, Arundhati Bhattacharya, will deliver the opening keynote address.
Legendary Cricketer and Former World Cup Captain Kapil Dev will discuss goal setting and teamwork.
Leading Content Creator and Author Ankur Warikoo will share lessons on maximizing impact while minimizing spend.
The CEO of Bollant Industries, Srikanth Bolla, will present a session focused on overcoming challenges and enhancing business performance through a mindset geared towards victory.
Alyce Erikson, who is the Group Head of B2B Product Marketing for the Asia-Pacific region at LinkedIn, will conduct a session on the synergistic partnership between LinkedIn and Salesforce and how it leads to success.

“The integration of sales & marketing connects businesses to customers and in turn drives business impact. This ethos forms the cornerstone of the inaugural Great India Sales & Marketing Summit, by Salesforce where industry leaders converge to explore the intersection of AI, marketing, and customer engagement. The event will showcase the best innovations bringing together a diverse and accomplished group of leaders reinforcing India’s potential for growth, only strengthening further.” Nipun Sharma, Senior Director – Marketing, Salesforce India

Join us on 24th May 2024, from 9:15 am to 5:30 pm, for this monumental virtual event—the largest of its kind ever hosted in India. For free registration, click here.

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