Sanjay Bhushan Patiala became a successful film campaigner in Bhojpuri cinema, got the award for best film campaigner 5 times in the year 2022


Sanjay Bhushan Patiala has become the most successful film campaigner (PRO) of Bhojpuri cinema after receiving the award for Best Film Promoter in ‘Green Cinema Award’. Sanjay has so far received the Best Film Campaigner award 5 times in the year 2022 for his outstanding contribution in the field of film promotion, which is a record. So far, no film campaigner has received so many awards in a year. He received this honor at the hands of Bhojpuri Superstar Pradeep Pandey Chintu at the Green Cinema Award held in Mumbai yesterday. Interestingly, Sanjay has been a publicist for many of Chintu’s films.

Sanjay has done PR work for more than 800 and a half films so far, in which Bhojpuri is prominent. Apart from this, he has been working for films in other regional languages ​​including Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Rajasthani. Even when the trend of digital increased across the country during Kovid, Sanjay proved that he is not going to compromise on his work under any circumstances and even then he did a great job.

Let us tell you that Sanjay Bhushan Patiala is originally from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. He has been working as a publicist in the cinema industry in Mumbai for the past several years, due to which he is not interested in any identity today. His work and dedication has established him in the Bhojpuri cinema industry. Sanjay was very happy to receive the Green Cinema Award and he dedicated this award to his parents. Sanjay said that parents are our inspiration. We are making our way by following what he taught us.

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