Patna’s terror caught by STF, infamous criminal Ravi Pesant


Infamous Ravi Pesant, considered to be the terror of the capital Patna, is now in the custody of the police, according to the information received, Ravi Pesant, a notorious criminal of Alamganj police station area, has been arrested by the STF and Alamganj police station last night from Nalanda, Ravi Passant mainly Araria. It is said to be the resident of Jogbani in the district. Let us tell you that these days the name of Ravi Patient started appearing in Topten, where the heart of the big businessman used to tremble after hearing the name of this accused. It is worth noting that Ravi is a professional criminal whose main job was to commit robbery and dacoity, due to which he is accused of robbery and dacoity in dozens of police stations of the capital, he used to injure the passenger and businessman by robbing and making him a patient, under the leadership of Patna SSP. Several officers of the STF and the police station formed a team and reached Nalanda, where he was arrested on the basis of secret information. At present, the police is investigating his criminal history.

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