Satish Chandra Misra

Enabling societal transformationthrough social-engineering

Satish Chandra Misra is an Indian politician and a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). He is the All India General Secretary of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), and one of the party’s top leaders and strategists. Satish is an active participant in the political arena and he remains dedicated to the cause of upliftment and education of people belonging to the under-privileged sections of the society. Satish is credited with transforming the fortunes of BSP in Uttar Pradesh, which was evident when BSP won the 2007 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Election with full majority, grabbing 206 seats in the 404-member State Assembly. Satish remains committed to strengthening BSP’s position in Uttar Pradesh and expanding the party’s presence at the national level.

Early Life and Education

Satish Misra was born in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) on November 9, 1952 to TribeniSahaiMisra and ShakuntalaMisra. His father, Justice TribeniSahaiMisra, was Chief Justice of the Guwahati High Court and his mother, Dr. ShakuntalaMisra, was a social worker. His academic qualification includes B.A., LL.B. (Educated at Allahabad University and P.P.N. College, Kanpur University). He married KalpnaMisra on December 4, 1980. Since an early age, his parents inculcated in him a sense of social welfare, which was based on the premise that society’s welfare can only be accomplished throughtheempowerment of people who are less fortunate. Such upbringing motivated Satish to make efforts to help the poor and disadvantaged sections of the society.

Professional Career

Satish started practicing law at the High Court in Lucknow and soon became a prominent lawyer, having won several landmark cases for the general public and political parties. From Jan 1998 to Feb 1999, he was the Chairman, Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh. From May 2002 to Sep 2003, he was the Advocate General of Uttar Pradesh.

Political Career

Satish joined the Bahujan Samaj Party in 2004, as the party’s All India General Secretary. One of his biggest political achievements came during 2007 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Election, when he championed the cause of Dalit-Brahmin brotherhood. This innovative social-engineering strategy changed the political equations in Uttar Pradesh, enabling BSP to win the election with full majority.

  • July 2004 Elected to Rajya Sabha
  • July 2010 Re-elected to Rajya Sabha (second term)
  • July 2016 Re-elected to Rajya Sabha (third term)

Personal pursuits

Satish continues to work for the disabled, blind people, and poorer sections of the society through Dr. ShakuntalaMisraSmritiSansthan, a social welfare organization named after his mother. He likes watching plays and has interests in cricket, badminton and table tennis.

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