Secrets That Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

Every time you board a plane, a number of important guidelines are shared with you by the flight attendant. Of course, these are vital and can be lifesaving in case something bad occurs. However, what is also true is that not all information is shared with passengers. This may be done for various purposes such as for business reasons and to avoid any unnecessary confusion among users. To understand what you may be missing, here’s a look at some secrets that airlines don’t want to tell you.

Running on fumes – As carrying fuel is costly, an airplane will load only the optimal amount needed for the trip. The amount of fuel needed for a trip can depend on various factors such as headwinds, traffic at airports, and baggage and passenger load. Although your plane may be carrying adequate fuel, unexpected developments such as bad weather and redirection to another airport can force an emergency landing.

Overbooked flight – In case your flight is overbooked and you are offered a voucher, don’t be the first one to accept it. Airlines could increase the offer value to motivate more passengers to give up their seats. If you wait a little, you could get a much better offer for giving up your seat.

Search one ticket at a time – Even if you are booking for multiple passengers, start with searching for a single ticket. Later, when you have finalized a specific flight, you can increase the number of passengers. If you start your search with multiple seats, prices are likely to be on the higher side.

Pilots don’t eat together – This is to avoid both pilots getting sick or poisoned at the same time. Also, food for captain and first officer usually comes from two different sources.

Thinner seats – This may be described as a way to improve the aesthetics of interior spaces. However, thinner seats can also mean more profits for the airlines. For example, with thinner seats, room can be made to accommodate more rows in the same available space. Thinner seats can also work to reduce overall weight of the aircraft, which will help save fuel.

Watch that carpet – It’s true that planes are sanitized after every flight. However, with limited time available to the cleaning staff, a thorough cleaning seems impossible. Planes generate profits when they are in the air and not when they are grounded. The small amount of time available for cleaning a plane creates challenges for cleaning staff. One area that may be harboring the most microorganisms is the carpet. It is the place where all sorts of things may have been spilled such as milk, soda, juice, vomit, blood and baby pee.

Next time you board a flight, keep these things in mind. By taking a few precautions, you can make your journey a lot more fulfilling and hassle-free.

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