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Secrets That Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

Every time you board a plane, a number of important guidelines are shared with you by the flight attendant. Of course, these are vital and can be lifesaving in case something bad occurs. However, what is also true is that not all information is shared with passengers. This may be done for various purposes such as for business reasons and ... Read More »

How 5G Could Affect Flights?

5G has had its fair share of criticism, controversies and conspiracy theories. However, much of it was set aside and 5G was given the green signal. Now, just as 5G is starting to be deployed at various locations across the globe, the aviation industry has sounded an alarm bell. Around ten airline companies in US have raised objections against deployment ... Read More »

Why Airplane Windows Have Tiny Holes?

People traveling in a plane for the first time usually prefer the window seat, as it provides a grand view of the earth below. And as we are looking through the window, we tend to notice the small hole at the bottom. It makes us wonder what the tiny hole is doing there. For some, it can also be scary, ... Read More »

Do Airplanes Have Keys?

Most vehicles such as bikes, cars, trucks and buses have keys to start the engine. This makes us wonder if airplanes also have keys to start their engines. Well, the answer to that is both yes and no. That’s because whether or not a plane has keys depends on the type of plane. Let’s take a look at some broad ... Read More »

Which Is Cheapest Plane You Can Buy?

For those who love to fly, it’s a dream to have one’s own plane. The only problem is that buying a plane can be a costly affair. But there’s no need to worry, as you can always opt for used planes available in the market. These can deliver the same level of performance as that of a new plane and ... Read More »

Which Is The Safest Seat On A Plane?

Air travel can appear to be risky in theoretical terms. However, data indicates that air travel is one of the safest means of transport. For every one billion miles, the death rate for air travel is just 0.07. In comparison, the death rate associated with cars is much higher at 7.28. Motorcycles are the worst with death rate of 212.57. ... Read More »

Which Plane Can Fly At Highest Altitude?

For most of us, the highest we can get is around 42,000 ft. That’s usually the highest altitude at which commercial planes fly. The cruising altitude of commercial airliners is in the range of 33,000 ft. to 42,000 ft. This is considered as the perfect height in terms of the amount of lift available for planes to fly and the ... Read More »