Shaira Ahmed Khan – Bollywood’s Leading Film Producer

Shaira Ahmed Khan is a leading film producer in Bollywood, credited with movies like Paathshaala (2010) and Ek Paheli Leela (2015). Born on August 21, 1980 in India’s financial capital Mumbai, Shaira has had a successful run in the fashion and entertainmentindustry since an early age. She became a model when she was just 16 years of age, which reveals that she was destined for greater things in life. She won the title of ‘Sophia Queen’ and was subsequently announced the winner of Miss Mumbai at Mumbai Inter Junior College Fests. This was her first big break in her career as a model, after which she started getting various offers for modeling projects. Her modeling assignments encompassed several national and international brands such as Raymond, Finalist Gladrags Miss India, Vama Calendar, Citko Biscuits, National Geography with Laia Raut, and Blue Stratos Cologne.

Over the years, Shaira Khan has taken up various roles in the entertainment industry. After her successful career as a model, Shaira started focusing on movie production. Shaira is married to leading actor, writer, choreographer, director and producer Ahmed Khan who has been associated with various hit films such as Taal, Ghajini, and Kick. In 2005, Shaira and Ahmed launched Paperdoll Entertainment Productions, which has emerged as a leading production house in Mumbai. Along with her husband, Shaira has nurtured Paperdoll with a lot of hard work and care. Paperdoll is now a valued entity, credited with producing numerous advertisements, songs and music videos.

Shaira credits her continued success in the entertainment industry to her ability to keep evolving with the times. Even as Shaira was enjoying a successful modeling career, she was always on the lookout for new opportunities. At just the right time, Shaira switched her career to become a movie producer and has never looked back. Her next venture as a movie producer is titled ‘The Rise And Fall Of Bambai‘, which is based on the underworld. The movie features top movie stars such as Sanjay Dutt and Bobby Deol.

On the personal front, Shaira feels blessed to have a doting husband and two rock star kids Azaan and Subhaan. She attributes a lot of her success to the love and support provided by her family. Not many people know that Shaira chose her love Ahmed Khan and her family over her personal ambitions. After her marriage, Shaira was offered lucrative international modelingassignments from the West by top brands.But she declined the opportunity to enjoy her marital bliss. She has no regrets for the same, rather, she is thankful for the decision she took.

Shaira believes that dreams can come true with hard work and dedication, no matter how challenging the road ahead might be. For budding models, filmmakers and artists, Shaira recommends that they should never give up and keep fighting until they have achieved their goals.Stay tuned to know more about Shaira Ahmed Khan only with us.



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