Is Your Relationship Worth Fighting For?

What starts around talks of eternal love often finds itself washed out in the humdrum of life. Relationships are surely exciting during the initial stages, but they tend to lose their sheen overtime. So, what should be the next steps in such a scenario? Should you move on and work towards a new relationship or try to salvage your existing relationship. Here are some pointers to help you make the right decision.

You genuinely admire your partner: Make a list of 5 people you know, whom you truly admire. If your partner is in that list, it will reveal that your relationship is worth saving. When you have genuine respect and admiration for someone, it can be more effective in sustaining a relationship, as compared to love alone.

You are okay with your differences: Fights and arguments are part of every relationship and it’s actually a healthy sign. When two people live together, it naturally leads to accumulation of pent-up emotions. Fights and arguments ensure the release of such negative emotions, which in turn helps the relationship to flourish. If your fights and arguments are not the ones that might force you to grow apart, then your relationship is worth saving.

You are okay with being apart: If you don’t get paranoid when your partner is not around, it means that you feel secure in the relationship. This is a positive sign that your relationship is worth saving.

You feel good when together: Things may have changed since the time your relationship began. However, if you still feel good when you both are together, it’s a sign that your relationship may be worth saving. Your partner should also share similar feelings to make it work.

You both have become a better individual: Interactions with your partner will create positiveas well as negative outcomes. It is possible that time may have created distances between you two. However, if you feel that the relationship has helped both of you to become a better person, then it is worth saving.

Every relationship witnesses its ups and downs and one should not hasten to call it quits. If there’s a fair chance of saving the existing relationship and both partners are looking for positive outcomes, then efforts should be made to bring about change. It could start with simple, yet hugely effective solutions such as spending quality time together, going on a long vacation, etc. New sights and scenes can work wonders on the mind and will surely be helpful in reigniting the flame in the relationship.


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