*Shama Sikander Shares Cute Pictures with her Dog Casper*

Bollywood actresses’ love for their pets needs no introduction. From adopting street dogs to having foreign breeds, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to taking care of their purr and paw friends. With social media accounts and dedicated pages, these pets of actresses are equally or more popular than they are. Bollywood Hottie Shama Sikander’s pet dog Casper is the furriest little creature and is adorable beyond limits. The actress shares some extremely cute pictures of amazing moments with him.

Talking about Casper, Shama says, “I wanted to have a puppy for a long time. I have friends who have puppies and when I visit them, they just love me unconditionally. And it always brought out this beautiful motherly instinct in me.”

“He’s been extremely loving to me. I want to play with him all day and just give him all that I can. It’s just been an amazing time with him and I feel like he has helped me get such a breakthrough in my life. I meditate a lot and he was an undeniable element to help me navigate my perspective towards myself. I love how he wants to snuggle and feel my warmth and sit right next to me. I feel like an extremely happy and blessed dogmother and I feel extremely lucky to have Casper in our life. He’s been a bundle of joy and my whole family loves him immensely.”

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