Shoulder Length Haircuts for Modern Women

There are many hairstyles in the modern world, especially for women. The texture of your hair, the type of hair, and the shape of your face are some of the factors that determine the kind of hairstyle that you can get. The shape of your face is however the main determinant of the kind of hair that you can have. Hairstyles come in various lengths such as long, shoulder length haircuts, and short hairstyles.

Lengthy hairstyles come in different varieties and not all of them fit with all hair textures and face shapes. Prior to having a lengthy hairstyle, you would like to have a little knowledge of which ones go with your hair texture and the ones that go with the shape of your face. Some of the common shoulder length haircuts that are common today include the following;

  • Chocolate Hair And Choppy Layers

This shoulder length haircuts style requires you to have long hair to give you the best results. It does not need to be neat as it is a little messy and has choppy bangs. The style comes out best when you have hair that is wavy and chocolate brown in color.

  • Brown Bob

Curling iron and cutting the hair into large strands to make the curls assists in achieving this style without much struggle but ensures the hair is lengthy enough to reach the shoulders. According to Glaminati, a lot of effort may however be required in looping the locks and curls as hairs are of different textures. The addition of a little caramel helps to highlight especially the cheek area.

  • Blonde Bob And Full Bangs

Oatmeal-colored hair goes well especially with the wavy kind of hair. Having a small fringe fall on your forward will add better to the entire look. You then make waves long enough just to reach the shoulders.

  • Dark Brown Hair And Long Bangs

This is often referred to as the crazy style as you may confuse it with the hair one usually has after a long night of dancing. Although it could work for straight hair, long crazy bangs are easier to put on wavy and curly hair. The hair is rubbed using fingers or a brush such that it looks shaggy then sprayed to keep the style into position.

  • Choppy Bob Shoulder Length Haircuts

The edges of the hair are trimmed such that they are in position with each other and curls are made on the hair to make it wavy and add bulk. Adding ombre color can polish and make the hair look even more attractive.

  • Messy Brown Bob

If you have thin and hair that is not very bulky, this could be the best fit style for you but if your hair is long, you may want to trim it to reduce the bulkiness and make it easier to manage. The curls in this style are made such that they are not very neat rather making them a little flirty.

  • Blonde Bob And Short Layers

This style is almost the same as the blonde with full bangs only that the hair here is way shorter. The curls are just short enough to reach the ears but they do not go all the way down to the shoulders and best comes out when the hair is blonde. It is a great style to choose if you are looking for low-maintenance shoulder length haircuts. With hair barely past the shoulders, it won’t be hard for you to maintain.

  • Auburn Shaggy And Side Bangs

The edges of the hair are trimmed into unequal length such that the front is shorter than the hair at the top and behind the head. The front is then shaped into a shaggy fringe while the back is left with loose hanging strands.

  • Pretty Blonde And Flowing Waves

When you have wavy and curly hair then, making this style will not be difficult to make but those with straight hair will require a curling iron to make the curls as they are the main interest in this style. Adding color and then letting the wave flow from any side is can be done to help complete the look.

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