SI-Global India Announces Collaboration with Leading Universities from Australia and New Zealand

Indian students to get access to diverse academic opportunities in both the countries

New Delhi, 14 March, 2024: SI-Global India, a leading provider of international education opportunities established by SI-UK, today announced collaborations with renowned universities in Australia and New Zealand. This strategic development aims to empower Indian students with exceptional pathways to pursue high-quality higher education abroad.

Through this alliance, SI-Global India, yet again, reinforces its commitment to guiding students towards credible academic opportunities within the Asia-Pacific region. Partnering with universities celebrated for their academic excellence and diverse programmes, SI-Global India facilitates a smooth transition for students seeking enriching opportunities to pursue higher education abroad.

The collaboration features well-regarded institutions from Australia, including Macquarie University, Australian National University, Griffith University, La Trobe University, RMIT University, Victoria University, and several others. Noteworthy participants from New Zealand include Auckland University of Technology, Waikato University, the University of Canterbury, and Victoria University of Wellington among others.

Ms. Lakshmi Iyer, Managing Director, SI-Global India, while expressing her enthusiasm over this development said, “Our goal is to give Indian students comprehensive support and access to the best of global education opportunities and these new partnerships are a step in that direction. We are perfectly placed to open doors to a plethora of study fields, promoting not only career growth but an invaluable global perspective through unforgettable international experiences.”

Indian students aspiring to study in Australia and New Zealand can now leverage the expertise and resources offered by SI-Global India’s network of partner universities. From personalized counselling to assistance with admissions processes and visa applications, SI-Global India is poised to offer holistic support to students aiming to pursue their educational dreams overseas.

For more information about SI-Global India’s collaboration with universities from Australia and New Zealand, please visit SI-Global’s official website:

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