SIA-India Forges Global Partnerships to Propel “Viksit Bharat 2047” at India Space Congress 2024

New Delhi : SIA-India, a leading space industry association and advocate for space exploration and technology advancement, announces strategic partnerships with multiple countries, including Switzerland, Australia, the US, Italy, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. These alliances, unveiled ahead of the highly anticipated India Space Congress (ISC) 2024, organized by SIA-India, from June 26 to June 28, 2024, in New Delhi, under the theme ‘Bridging Boundaries and Transforming Tomorrow,’ aim to elevate India’s space capabilities through international collaboration.

India Space Congress (ISC) serves as a global hub for top-tier experts. Beyond discussions, ISC offers exclusive networking opportunities, platforms for startups, and academic insights. With a focus on security, ISC ensures the resilience of space assets. Through international collaboration, ISC fosters innovation and progress in space exploration, uniting government, industry, and startups towards a future of boundless possibilities.

As we progress towards “Viksit Bharat 2047,” the synergy between national and international space sectors, alongside diverse industries, will propel sustainable growth and technological advancement. With the private sector as co-travelers, space technology is set to revolutionize the 21st century. Major reforms like the Space Policy 2023, liberalized FDI Policy 2024, the new Telecom Act, NGP Guidelines by IN-SPACe, among others, underscore the importance of these partnerships in leveraging collective strengths and resources for mutual benefit.

“These strategic alliances underscore India’s commitment to global cooperation in the space industry,” said Dr Subba Rao Pavuluri, President at SIA-India. ” ISC 2024 serves as the perfect platform to showcase these partnerships and explore avenues for mutual growth and development. With a diverse array of sessions and discussions under the theme ‘Bridging Boundaries and Transforming Tomorrow,’ the congress promises to be a groundbreaking event, charting the course for the future of space collaboration in India.”

“For the first time in the ISC series, the agenda places major emphasis on global collaborations, featuring around 35 thematic sessions focusing on international partnerships. A special session on the Indo-Pacific coalition will explore collaborative efforts among nations such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the US, and the Philippines, joining forces with India to advance space exploration and technology. This session will highlight their shared vision for regional cooperation and its collective impact on space initiatives. ISC 2024 will showcase collaborations with over 30 countries, and with an anticipated attendance of over 800 delegates, it will be the largest gathering of its kind, attracting top minds and influencers from around the globe.” Mr. Anil Prakash, DG, SIA-India

To address breakthroughs in technology and India’s vast opportunities, the event will feature distinguished speakers including: Shri S. Somanath, Chairman, ISRO, Dr. Pawan Kumar Goenka, Chairman, IN-SPACe, Former Ambassador Rakesh Sood, Shri Anil Kumar Lahoti, Chairman TRAI, Shri Mahaveer Singhvi, Joint Secretary, NEST, Ministry of External Affairs, H.E. Mr. Green Philip OAM, High Commissioner of Australia to India, Prof. Teodoro Valente, President, Italian Space Agency (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana), Dr. Olivier Fink, Chargé d ’Affaires a.i., Embassy of Switzerland to India and Bhutan, Mr. Arvind Ramana, Director Space Programs, Australian Space Agency

India, with its burgeoning economy and vibrant population, stands at the forefront of the global space industry, primed for immense growth and innovation. Recent liberalizations in space policies, including allowing up to 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in select sectors, have opened unprecedented opportunities for both domestic and international players. Currently, India hosts over 400 firms and SMEs in the space industry, with 204 startups mostly emerging post-2020, attracting a total funding of $380 million so far. Indian government has significantly boosted its space budget, witnessing an 86% increase over the last six years. The market potential for space technology companies in India is projected to reach a staggering $44 billion by 2033.

India-Switzerland Partnership: A Landmark Collaboration

India has embarked on a transformative partnership with Switzerland to accelerate space technology and foster collaborative research. Marked by Switzerland’s Swissnex being the Country Partner for the India Space Congress 2024, this alliance underscores a shared commitment to revolutionizing the space sector through joint initiatives, space diplomacy, market growth, and industry collaborations. Key highlights of this partnership include Startup Exchange and Innovation Programs planned enabling Indian startups to access Swiss technology and market opportunities, while facilitating Swiss startups to leverage India’s vibrant space ecosystem. Strategic MoUs focusing on collaborative research, technology transfer, and co-development of space solutions, enhancing the space capabilities of both nations. Swissnex collaborates closely with India on pioneering programs in space exploration, sustainable practices, satellite technologies advancement, and next-generation space infrastructure development.

Expanding Horizons: Australia-India Space Collaboration

Australia and India, driven by a shared commitment to progress and cooperation, embark on an ambitious journey of space collaboration. Australia and India are strategic partners in the pursuit of technological excellence and innovation. Australia’s robust satellite tracking capabilities, coupled with its thriving robotics industry and innovative growth trajectory, complement India’s status as a tech giant. The partnership would leverage the shared strengths and mutual interests to drive advancements in space technology and deepen bilateral relations. The Australian Government’s investment of $18 million in joint space projects with India marks a significant milestone in addressing shared challenges like climate change. Australia partnering with ISRO, signal robust growth prospects for the Indian space industry. This investment aligns seamlessly with the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the two nations. Additionally, Australia extends support to India’s lunar mission and Gaganyaan human space flight. To strengthen this collaboration, SIA-India names Western Australia as a State Partner, laying the foundation for industry advancement and mutual prosperity.

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