SIIC IIT Kanpur and MeitY Startup Hub Facilitate Investor Connections at Startup-Investor Connect Program

One-day Startup-Investor Connect Program organized jointly by SIIC IIT Kanpur and MeitY Startup Hub
Provided a platform for startups supported under the MeitY funding program to interact with potential investors
The event culminated with a vote of thanks by Prof. Suresh Srivastava, Director, IIT Kanpur-La Trobe University Research Academy

Bengaluru, 20th March 2024- The MeitY Startup Hub (MSH), in collaboration with the Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC) at IIT Kanpur, organized a highly successful “Startup-Investor Connect Program”. This event provided a dynamic platform for emerging entrepreneurs supported by the MeitY funding program to connect with established investors and explore potential collaboration opportunities.

Hosted on the prestigious IIT Kanpur campus, spearheaded by the SIIC team, the program brought together a diverse array of startups and prominent investment organizations, including IvyCamp, RTAF, HPCL, SIDBI, BIORX, Sanchi Connect, Cummins India, Indian Angel Network, Danazir Wealth Management, Singhania & Co, Lawsikho, and Skill Arbitrage. The startups showcased their groundbreaking ideas and business models, while the investors shared valuable insights into market trends, investment opportunities, and scaling strategies.

The program facilitated productive dialogue and insightful exchange, enabling startups to gain a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape and the potential for financial backing and growth. The event exemplified the collaborative spirit and commitment of both MSH and SIIC IIT Kanpur to nurturing the continued development and success of startups in India.

Commenting on the success of the program, Prof. Ankush Sharma, Professor In-charge, Start-up Incubation and Innovation Centre, IIT Kanpur, said, “We are thrilled to have partnered with MeitY Startup Hub in organizing this successful Startup-Investor Connect Program. By creating a platform for meaningful connections between innovative startups and experienced investors, we have taken a significant step towards empowering entrepreneurs and driving the growth of India’s vibrant startup ecosystem. This event not only facilitated access to potential funding opportunities but also equipped startups with valuable insights and strategies to navigate the complexities of the entrepreneurial journey.”

The “Startup-Investor Connect Program” concluded with a sincere vote of thanks from Prof. Suresh Srivastava, Director, IIT Kanpur-La Trobe University Research Academy, reiterating the unwavering commitment of both organizations to support and propel the startup community in India.

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