Sikkim’s CM distributes financial aid to 300 needy individuals

New Delhi, March 18: Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang distributed around 300 cheques from the Chief Minister’s Discretionary Grants (CMDG) and Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (CMRF), extending assistance to beneficiaries with an aim to empower individuals and organizations through financial aid across a wide range of sectors, including entrepreneurship, literacy promotion, agriculture, and infrastructure repair.

While addressing the gathering, the Chief Minister highlighted how over the past five years, the consistent support through CMDG and CMRF has had a positive impact on numerous lives, contributing significantly to socio-economic progress.

He also mentioned that the majority of beneficiaries are underprivileged individuals who are receiving job orders, regular orders, promotions, and loans.

He expressed that the Government’s actions are not aimed at impressing citizens but are solely driven by a genuine concern for their needs, considering them a top priority.

The Chief Minister further stated that they have always given their 100% and are fully satisfied with their performance, expressing confidence that the people feel the same.

He also guaranteed that individuals who have not yet received their orders will be prioritized during the government’s second term.

Later, CMO officials also handed over GCI sheets, SGAY house allotments and new job appointment orders to the beneficiaries.

In response, the beneficiaries expressed joy and heartfelt gratitude to the Chief Minister for the support and assistance.

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