South African Surgeons Visit India To Be Trained In Robotic Surgery By Ace Oncosurgeon – Dr Raj Nagarkar

With Over 1000 Successful Robotic Surgeries, Dr Nagarkar To Train Surgeons From Across The World

Nashik, March 11: Surgeons from South Africa (SA) embarked on a two-day transformative training journey under the guidance of renowned robotic-assisted surgeon – Dr Raj Nagarkar, at HCG Manavata Cancer Centre (HCGMCC) in Nashik. Dr Nagarkar, Chief of Surgical Oncology & Robotic Services at HCGMCC, hosted the double delegation from South Africa for an immersive training session aimed at advancing their expertise in robotic-assisted surgery. Held on February 22 and 23, the training marked a significant milestone in the field of surgical innovation, particularly in oncology. Dr Nagarkar was tasked with imparting practical demonstration of the use of robotics in surgery to the two distinguished surgeons – Dr Pregalathan Chetty, a highly respected colorectal surgeon; and Dr Balasundurum Govender, a renowned urosurgeon based in SA.

As part of initiatives to propagate the success of the Versius robot-assisted surgery system developed by British medical device company – CMR Surgical, Dr Nagarkar will train surgeons from across the world in the months to come.

“It is a privilege to share our knowledge and expertise in robotic-assisted surgery with esteemed colleagues from South Africa. Their participation enriched the training experience, sharing invaluable insights and expertise over the two-day program. It is an honour to be recognised in the field of robotic surgeries and to receive the opportunity to pass on the knowledge to fellow surgeons from across the world. The idea is to impart as much information and address any concerns that surgeons may have with regards to operating on patients using the Versius robotic system,” says Prof Dr Raj Nagarkar, Managing Director, Chief of Surgical Oncology & Robotic services, HCG Manavata Cancer Centre & Hospitals.

During the training, the delegation explored the state-of-the-art capabilities of the CMR Surgical Versius Platform, witnessing live demonstrations of key robotic surgeries. Dr Nagarkar showcased three advanced procedures, including Hemicolectomy, Abdominoperineal Resection (APR) and Radical Cystectomy, highlighting HCGMCC’s commitment to precision, patient safety and enhanced recovery.

“This exchange of knowledge and expertise exemplifies our collective efforts to advance surgical practices and elevate patient care standards worldwide. I am confident that our collaboration will pave the way for continued advancements in robotic-assisted surgery,” concludes Dr Nagarkar.

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