Adani Green Energy operationalizes 1,000 MW (1 GW) of the 30,000 MW Khavda renewable energy park

Fastest such greenfield solar capacity addition in India’s renewable sector

• Construction curve is aligned to the plan of developing 30 GW at Khavda over the next 5 years

• Plant will be entirely covered with waterless robotic module cleaning systems

• ~81 billion units will be generated powering over 16 million homes annually in India (nearly equivalent to the number of homes in the entire country of Poland, Canada); the energy output can power entire nations such as Belgium, Chile, Switzerland

Bengaluru, 11 March 2024: Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), India’s largest and one of the world’s leading renewable energy (RE) companies, has operationalized cumulative capacity of 1,000 MW solar energy at the world’s largest RE park at Khavda, Gujarat. With this, AGEL has achieved operational capacity of 9,478 MW and continues its journey to the stated goal of 45,000 MW by 2030.

AGEL delivered 1,000 MW in less than 12 months of commencing work at Khavda. This involved installing approximately 2.4 million solar modules. The accelerated progress underscores AGEL’s commitment to India’s goal of achieving 500 GW non-fossil fuel capacity by 2030.

Khavda RE plant deployment trajectory Bi-facial solar modules installed at Khavda

The world’s largest RE plant of 30 GW spans a staggering 538 sq km of barren land, five times the size of Paris. The project is expected to be completed in the next five years and will create over 15,200 green jobs. (For more information on the plant, refer to annexure.)

Leveraging the proven project execution capabilities of Adani Infra, technological expertise of Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL), operational excellence of AIMSL, robust supply chain, AGEL is set to replicate its success in building and operating India’s first and the world’s largest wind-solar hybrid cluster at Jaisalmer.

Innovative solutions are being deployed at Khavda to integrate sustainable practices. AGEL has committed to deploy waterless cleaning robots for the entire solar capacity to address dust accumulation on panels to increase the energy output and help conserve water in the arid Kutch region. This will enable AGEL’s water neutrality goals aligned to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6.

The Khavda plant is a testament to AGEL’s sustainable progress and unwavering resolve to accelerate India’s clean energy transition and enhance social and natural capital in the region.

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