Struggling with washing your winter wear?

This is how you can keep germs off your favorite winter wear this season

With the increasing nip in the air, it is time to take out your favorite coats, jumpers and jackets. What it also means is that your laundry cycles will lessen in frequency as most winter wear cannot be washed as regularly as you would like. Plus, they aren’t so easy to wash and often take additional time to dry. These are expensive and one doesn’t want to ruin them by washing them too often. Not being able to wash something can lead to a germ build up in our loved winter wear.

According to Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, the fact that winter clothes are not washed frequently can cause bacteria and germs to build up, making you sick. Add to it, the viruses that are rampant in this season; your winter wear can act as a fomite and transfer germs, triggering the spread of infectious diseases. Especially with scarves and stoles, which are closer to your face and mouth, droplets with viruses stick around in your clothing and cause a risk of further infections.

While our winter clothes can be the harbinger of these nasty germs, there are simple, yet effective ways that can help us stay safe and keep healthy.

First, make sure that you spend time on conscious storage. Segregate your winter woollens away from other summer clothes. Even within winter wear, keep the ones you have worn separate from the fresh clothes. Make sunny days your clothes’ best friends. Spread out your winter wear in the sun when you can, to help get rid of any smells and even drive away smaller insects. Keep moth balls wrapped in cloth, in the closet that you store your winter wear in and make sure you store away from any kind of moisture.

Most importantly, it is essential to get rid of the germs between washes. Let’s face it, it is impossible to wash clothes every day and very difficult to do in winters especially when clothes take more time to dry. With the right product however, it can be super easy to disinfect clothes every day after coming back home, even without using water. Keeping a clothes disinfectant spray handy can be extremely useful, especially when wanting to repeat outfits for your favourite winter outings, travels or attending weddings when clothes can’t be washed regularly. Using a product such as the Savlon Clothes Disinfectant and Refreshing spray will not just help in killing viruses and 99.99% germs^ including molds, fungi and odour causing bacteria. It leaves behind a fresh breeze fragrance which has a cheerful citrus and floral harmony that is refreshing. It does not contain bleach and is gentle and safe on clothes. It air dries and is suitable for your precious winter wear*. It is wise to choose a product that can be used on wide variety of clothes and fabrics such as woollens, denims, chiffons, cottons, and even bedsheets. Items like towels & gym wear, which can be hotbeds for germs^ can also easily be disinfected on the go with a clothes disinfectant spray. (^Basis lab study on sample microbes.)

Give your winter clothes time to breathe before you adorn them again; this helps get rid of wrinkles and allows the fabric to bounce back.

So, this winter, keep these tips handy so you can flaunt your best winter wear without having to worry about germs and infections, because after all, hygiene sahi toh health sahi.

*Basis Lab study on select fabrics
(Do not use on silk, rayon acetate, fabrics with embellishment, leather or suede. Use on inanimate objects only. Always test for suitability on a small inconspicuous area prior to use. Do not saturate fabric. Fabrics may vary in quality).

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