The Essential Guide For Diamond Pendants

Your jewellery box is incomplete without a beautiful diamond pendant. The simple yet elegant looking pendants can be worn on any occasion. So, the perfect time to buy a diamond pendant is now!

If you are planning to get a diamond pendant, this guide is for you. In this guide, we are going to talk about everything that you should keep in mind while choosing a diamond pendant for you. Read on.

1. Choose Authentic Diamonds
Diamond pendants come in various shapes and sizes. And most people get so involved in choosing the styles of their pendants that they forget the first and most important step of shopping – checking the authenticity of diamonds.

If you are buying diamond pendants online, make sure that you get them from a website that offers good customer service and has both a refund and a return policy. Check this website to purchase diamond necklace and other diamond jewellery.

2. Choosing The Type of Pendant
Most people love solitaire diamond pendants. If you already do not know what solitaire pendants are, they are the types of pendants in which a single diamond forms the pendant. Generally, the diamond is mounted on a delicate gold chain. The colour contrast of the gold chain and diamond pendant looks very striking.

The most common types of pendants are the ones with a single diamond. But if you want something unique, you can also get pendants with multiple diamonds.

3. Choose The Type Of Diamond
When choosing a diamond (be it a pendant or any other type of jewellery), always keep the following 4Cs in mind: colour, clarity, carats, and cut. If you are unsure about any of these 4Cs, you can contact the diamond jewellery store and know about the options that are available to you.

4. Type Of Chain
We can not ignore chains while talking about pendants. After all, it is the chain on which your pendant is going to hang on. The most popular choice of chain in India for diamond pendants is gold. But if you want to try something other than the traditional gold, you can also go for white gold or platinum.

Generally, the colour of the diamond dictates what type of chain is bought with the pendant. If you are buying a red or blue coloured diamond, yellow gold compliments it the best. However, if you are picking a clear diamond pendant, platinum chains with a silvery sheen will look the best.

5. Style of Chain
Choosing the metal type is only half the job. You also have to decide the style of the chain. The most common types of chains are the ones with cable links. But if you want something eye-catching, you can go for a box or square link chains.

Before you finally buy the chain, make sure that it feels comfortable on your neck. Some chains feel sharp on the neck, and some can even cut the clothes that rub them. Again, box or square link chains work best here as they feel like flat lacy ribbons on your neck.

6. Get It In Your Budget
It is a common myth that you need to have a huge budget to buy a beautiful pendant. But the truth is – you can get a rich look without blowing your budget.

If a single large diamond pendant is getting out of your budget, you can buy a pendant with small multiple diamonds. The best part about a pendant with multiple diamonds is that you get a plethora of choices in terms of shapes and styles.

Once you buy the diamond pendant, make sure that you wear them with confidence. Diamonds pendants are half part of your looks; the other half is you.

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