What makes Hollywood better than any other film industry in the world?

If you’ve been residing in a forest for your whole life and have no idea what Hollywood is, it’s still not acceptable. Considering Hollywood’s popularity, it isn’t surprising to know that it’s the biggest film industry of the world. But what’s so unique in it? What is the reason behind its fame? Let’s discuss.

  • Professionalism:

One of the biggest qualities of Hollywood movies which distinguish it from any other industry is professionalism. Every scene, from the beginning to the end, is depicted so professionally that one can hardly come up with a flaw. The movies makes hard for us to believe that it’s fictional.

  • Graphics:

Undoubtedly, Hollywood comes up with the best graphics since they appoint expert team members who make everything look real. Avengers, Planet of the Apes, Gravity, Jurassic Park and Avtar are some of the movies where you can see the wonderful job done by the graphics team with amazing graphics and effects.

  • Stick to one concept:

In contrast to other film industries, Hollywood movies remain glued to the real concept from the beginning to the end, instead of going away from the track. For instance, if the story is based on music, everything in the movie (concept, story, songs and script) is related to only music.

  • Subject variety:

You won’t find Hollywood movies having similar subject easily. Every movie carries a different story, concept and moral. However, in other industries, the movie has the same concept just with a little variation and a different title. As a result, the movie becomes uninteresting to watch and really boring.

  • Sound effects:

You can’t give the tag of a Hollywood movie if it does not carry a intriguing background music. What’s a movie without sound effect anyway? To enhance the impact of a scene, perfect sound effects are added in the movie. Whether the movie is based on action, horror or drama, the sound effects are used very wisely.

  • Large audience:

Since these movies are released all around the world, they have a large fan following from every corner of the world. However, other film industries release their movies in their own country and in 2 or 3 other countries. Another reason associated with it is that, English is spoken widely and people can understand it very well. Not only in their country, Hollywood studios are also investing in foreign companies and films.

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