The incredible story of baby Eva Grace: the superhero who never lived

Finding out that her child will be dead in some hours, is the most harrowing thing for a mother. This defect is found in 3 out of 10,000 pregnancies. Here, we are discussing about baby Eva Grace who was terminally-ill. Keri young, a woman from Oklahoma was pregnant. Her baby was due on 7th of May, but was born three weeks before with some complications.

  • Just before 19 weeks, the couple went for a ultrasound. She had perfect hands and feet, perfect liver and perfect lungs. Unfortunately she did not have a perfect brain. She had anencephaly and is incurable. Since her brain wasn’t fully developed, the defect was fatal within some hours of delivery.
  • In spite of finding out about it, the couple went ahead with the pregnancy so that baby Eva’s organs could be donated. Keri young had mentioned in a Facebook post that she was holding more fluid because of anencephaly. The baby, Eva could not swallow amniotic fluid, which is why, the fluid is building up inside. The doctors were expecting a miscarriage due to the increasing levels of fluid.
  • However, there was no guarantee for organ donation and Eva’s parents had been informed about it from the first. But her parents wanted to continue with the pregnancy hoping for the best. Though organ donation is rare among the newborns, it is possible. In between the years 2008 and 2013, the UN Network for Organ Sharing estimated that there were 21 donors of a week old or even less.
  • Though her parents were hoping to make someone else’s life better by donating their baby’s organ, unfortunately, Eva was a premature baby. Despite their best intentions, the early delivery restricted Keri and Royce from donating Eva’s organs. They were devastated. However, they were informed shortly that Eva’s eyes could be donated and they found a recipient for it.
  • People were moved by the incredible story of baby Eva who was born with a rare condition and sent numerous texts of support in Facebook and Instagram. Not only Eva, but her parents, Royce and Keri became everyone’s superhero. Royce inscribed a lengthy post expressing what it was like to wave goodbye to his newborn baby.

He has written that though they spent months preparing and bracing for the death of their daughter, when actually the day arrived, they were unwilling to let her go.

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