Things you need to know that can happen to your body before getting a tattoo

Are you too going to end your tattoo virginity? Getting a tattoo is like getting married, if you choose wisely you’ll be happy with your decision for years. Going through proper research will save you a lot of unnecessary stress. We have prepared a list of things for you that you need to know that can happen to your body before getting a tattoo.

  • According to the Top Health News the body experiences s sort of trauma during tattooing. Our body responds to the trauma with a classic “flight or fight” kick of adrenaline. You’ll go through a feeling of relaxing yet intense at the same time.
  • If you’re thinking to get a large tattoo, be ready for the changing intensity of the pain which you’ll go through. The needle will encounter parts of your body with more fats and others with less. It becomes less painful in areas having fattier tissues whereas the areas with no fats at all will give you a comparatively more amount of pain. You need to be mentally prepared for the non-fattier parts.
  • Before you lay out a few hundred bucks on a tattoo remember that some spots like on your hands and feet fade faster than others. The skin on those parts of your body exfoliates and regenerates faster. You can expect your tattoo to look dull and faded after some years.
  • To curb the pain, slamming a few shots right before getting a tattoo may seem alluring, but it can be dangerous in reality. Instead of reducing the pain, Alcohol will thin your blood and will make you bleed more while getting a tattoo. And excess blood results into messing up your final results.
  • You need to be diligent about post-care for your tattoo. Stick to showers and out of pools, oceans, hot tubs, ponds to prevent infection. Keeping it covered with antibiotic treatment like bacitracin and cleaning it twice daily is a great help. Speaking of colours, you need to slather it with sunscreen forever.
  • Tattoos with a lot of colour and larger design can take multiple sessions to complete. In cases of an entire sleeve, it may take months to complete. If you’ve dreamt of a bigger tattoo you’ll be needing a lot of patience. A single sitting might not be enough for completing your tattoo.

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