Top 5 best self-employed job

Is your 9-5 job taking a toll on your life? Then being self-employed may be the answer to your unhealthy work-life balance. People opt for self employments for many reasons like some don’t want to work under a boss , some want flexibility in their life and many others. Being self-employed is easier said than done and it might be scary to switch from being employed to self-employed but with faith and expertise in your field you are good to take the leap of faith. Being self-employed comes with many perks like being your own boss, work life balance, flexibility in work, quality of life gets improved, your potential for learning and growing increases and on the top of all the sense of pride you get for working for yourself and, growing your own business.

Here is a list of top 5 self employed jobs that can help you escape from your regular 9-5 job.


Looking for a job where you get paid while being at the comfort of your home, then freelancing is the perfect job for you. The Internet has opened a new world of opportunities for those who want money but doesn’t want to be employed under certain employer/company. Freelancing is the best self-employed job because in this you can set your own price for the work and have many areas to choose from for freelancing.


If you are good at your academic subjects then you have the option to start your own tutoring business. You can have a self-employed job by helping students in subjects they struggle with. You can earn a handsome income and tutoring comes with a perk that you don’t have to invest anything in this job.

  1. Reseller

With a surge in eCommerce sales, prices of the product have entered into a  rapidly increasing competition. Ecommerce sites like Amazon,eBay, and many others allow you to run your own business on their popular sites. Reselling means to buy products and goods in bulk from the manufacturer at a low price and sell it on eCommerce sites at high prices, thus earning money by working from home.


You can actually make a fortune by uploading your videos on youtube. You just need a few things like a laptop/computer and internet access along with your content and you are ready to be self-employed.  You can earn money by selling your own products or through advertisements, affiliate marketing and promoting different brands by increasing your subscribers and watch hours.

5.Event organizer

Event organizing is one of the emerging business everywhere. While people are busier than ever, they want someone who can organize their events properly which is a good news for you because properly organized events are expensive these days.

If you dream to become an entrepreneur one day and work on your own terms then it is wise to take the leap of faith and get started. At first, it may seem tough as all responsibilities will be on you, you will have to stay motivated and hold on to your passion firmly until you get what you dreamt of. The above lists provide some top-grossing self-employed jobs, but you can find many other options for self-employment according to your expertise.

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