Top 5 most popular exotic bar around the world

Every person has a different notion about “The World’s Best Bars.” For some, the ambience matters the most whereas for other a good cocktail is enough. But for people to whom perfection matters the most and are searching for the most exotic bars, here is a list of 5 bars around the world.

  1. Happy’sNew York Bar, Paris

With New York-style interior which has college pennants, mahogany panels the bar looks strangely authentic. This place is believed to be where Bloody Marry was invented. Though none of it is true, the charm of the place will force you to believe anyway. It is the finest little New York bar this side of the East river you’d ever seen.

  1. Artesian, London

Every cocktail lover would die for this place! This unchallenged NO.1 bar for cocktail also cannot be debated for the interior of the place. Extravagant furniture, expensive lightening and marble will welcome you temptingly. If you’re wondering about the service, you need to be least bothered about it, it is impeccable. You can get a beer, wine, G&T, champagne or anything you like.

  1. Victoria Bar, Berlin

In the buzziest streets of Berlin which is lined with luxurious bars and restaurants stands the Victoria Bar. Pictures of Marcel Dzama and Martin Kippenberger are hung on the wall. The sprawling room gives you a retro Eighties West Berlin vibe and is lined with wood panelling which is a nostalgia for the city people. Almost all the city’s best bartenders have paid their dues here.

  1. LinjeTio, Stockholm

Being Sweden’s first bar to make it to the World’s 50 Best Bars, LinjeTio is all about the details. The menu here is seasonal. With summer comes the orange-blossom-water and watermelon syrup accompanied by other refreshing drinks and in dark winter nights, the menu welcomes you with salted caramel to warm up an excellent Old Fashioned. If you’re fancying a wander, the bar is three-in-one joint, a wine bar, a barbershop and a restaurant.

  1. Barchef, Toronto

Frankie Solarik, an amiable cocktail scientist, launched this bar on hip Queen Street West in 2008. All the drinks are created using his signature culinary approach and are multi-sensory with a depth of flavour. Under the dim, candle-lit bar, two hundred bottles of bitters and syrups are showcased. Each bottle is infused with raisin, lavender or fennel seeds.

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