Top 5 scariest bridges around the world

Does height make you anxious? Do bridges cause panic and fear? Then there’s a term for you: gephyrophobia. And the condition related to extreme fear of height is termed as acrophobia. We’ve created a list of 5 scariest bridges around the world to give you a feeling of Halloween which will give some at least some butterflies in your chest.

  1. Confederation Bridge, Canada

The Bridge connects the New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and still accounts to the world’s longest crossing over ice-packed water and has been around for a decade. The ability to stand up to the crash of powerful ice flows makes it an engineering marvel. Even in extreme conditions, experts believe it can stand for more than a century. Though it can stand up to ice, it becomes a scary place during wind storms.

  1. Lakey’s Creek Bridge, Illinois

The name of the bridge is derived from a man named Lakey who built a cabin near the creek that the bridge crosses. This friendly guy’s decapitated body was found near his cabin site by a traveller one day. He had been killed by his axe and his killer was never identified. Since his funeral people have reported seeing a headless horseman in the area.

  1. Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Maryland

Built-in 1952, it is a dual span bridge which is more than four miles long and 200 feet high in some places. During extreme weather, this location is vulnerable to violent storms. Drivers experience limited visibility and are unable to see the land which causes panic attacks in many places.

  1. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida

This simple two-lane causeway rises just 65 feet over the water which makes it vulnerable to extreme tropical weather. Being the second bridge built on the site the purpose behind the construction was to be sturdier and better able to stand up the storms. Usually, this bridge is closed during extreme weather and hurricanes despite its strength.

  1. Mackinac Bridge, Michigan

Mackinac Bridge is 26,000 feet long and rises approximately 200 feet above the Straits of Mackinac below. The wind often exceeds 30 miles per hour. Along with temperature fluctuations, this was done to accommodate winds. Those motorists who are nervous employees of the Mackinac Bridge Authority will drive their vehicle over the bridge for free. Since the issue is so common the agency decided to offer this service. The website of the bridge also posts wind warnings from time to time.

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