Top 5 Trends That Will Dominate Gaming Industry in 2020

The gaming industry has registered consistent growth over the years, up from USD 40 billion in 2000 to around USD 135 billion in 2018. A lot more is expected in the coming years, as gaming continues to attract an increasing number of followersacross the globe. To understand how it will evolve in the near term, here’s a look at top 5 trends that will dominate gaming industry in 2020.

More adults taking to gaming: Gone are the days when gaming was largely limited to teenagers and youngsters. As of now, an increasing number of people in theirthirties are getting hooked to gaming. Research data shows that average age of male players is now 33. Women are also taking to gaming in a big way. Availability of games that are specially created for women is fuelling this trend. Recent reports indicate that average age of female players is 37. In 2020, the number of male and female players is expected to increase further.

Acceleratedgrowth in developing countries: With high-speed internetconnectivity and increased media exposure, gaming has emerged as a leading source of recreation in developing countries. A number of gaming startups have come up in recent times and these are providing the tools, infrastructure and technology needed to boost growth in this space. Here’s a good article on how gaming startups are helping unlock the full potential of gaming in developing countries such as India.

Rising popularity of browser games: As higher configurations of PCs and laptops have become affordable, playing games on web browsers has become a preferred option. Another reason for the growingpopularity of browser games is that one does not need additional resources such as gaming console. High-speed internet and cloud storage are aiding the growth of browser games.

Single player games: While multiplayer games continue to lead, there’s a growing tribe of people who prefer single player games. In recent times, a number of single player games have been launched by gaming companies. More such games are expectedto be launched this year.

Game streaming gains momentum: Similar to conventional sports such as football, athletics, tennis, etc. that are live streamed on television, game streaming is also gaining popularity among the masses. Gaming is no longer about gamers alone. There’s a large group of spectators as well that is watching every move of theirfavorite gamers and enjoying every bit of it.

These trends provide a glimpse of what’s in store in the coming months. With technology upgrades, the gaming experiencewill improve further in the future. With most things working in its favor, gaming industry is expected to witness strong growth in 2020 and beyond.


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