Top 5 Video Interview Platforms in 2023 to Ease the Recruitment Process

Video Interview platforms have revolutionized the recruitment process, offering numerous benefits. These platforms use advanced technology to provide a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective solution to traditional in-person interviews. The Video Interview software provides data-driven insights that can help recruiters make better hiring decisions. Using AI algorithms, these platforms can analyze candidate responses, body language, and other factors to determine a candidate’s suitability for a particular role. This can help recruiters identify the best candidates for the job, based on their skills, experience, and personality.

In conclusion, interview platforms have transformed the recruitment process, providing a more efficient, cost-effective, and engaging solution to traditional in-person interviews. With their time and cost efficiency, broad reach, streamlined process, improved candidate experience, and data-driven insights, interview platforms are becoming an essential tool for recruiters seeking to find the best talent for their organizations.

Based on the above lines, this article concludes that there are many video interview platforms available in the market that can help one to streamline the recruitment process. Here are the top 5 video interview platforms that can be consider:


InCruiter provides next-gen tech-driven AI powered Video interview platforms to streamline and structure interview processes for the companies. The platform has enabled more than 250+ startups & enterprises to improvise their interview process. Platforms features like Live code Compiler, Real time feedback system, Interactive System design test etc. during interview makes InCruiter as a unique product in the market. The interview platform is designed for businesses to conduct both “Technical” and “Non-Technical” interviews. The platform helps in management of the panel’s calendar in a single place and the same can be mapped with the candidate’s calendar easily. InCruiter has AI-based proctoring features to detect cheating or proxies during interviews like looking away from the screen, going to another tab, or when a 2nd person or mobile is detected in the interview ensuring that the best-skilled talents are hired.

Following its successful operations in India, the company has also established its presence in the international market, including Dubai, Singapore, Canada, and the Philippines.


Interviewstream is another popular video interviewing tool that caters to small-sized businesses and enterprises. What makes this tool stand out in this list is its interview scheduling module. Imagine this to be like Calendly – the meeting scheduling app wherein you book a specific slot in the other person’s calendar.

Interviewstream works on a similar model. The tool offers automated interview scheduling that syncs with your hiring team’s calendar availability allowing candidates to select a time for individual, back-to-back, and panel interviews.


Jobma believes in the power of people, and its video software enhances human connections to help companies stand out and address diversity and inclusion. It has a global presence in over 55 countries and supports 16 languages, making HR technology accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes and assisting companies in finding top talent.


With myInterview Intelligence, your queue is always full of custom-picked candidates to watch. Purpose-built machine learning algorithms fueled by diverse data scan every video to reveal the hidden gems that perfectly match what you’re looking for. Welcome to the future of hiring. Each video is analyzed for soft skills, personality traits, and keywords so you can tell which candidates match your company vibe, while reducing the risk of bias from entering the picture.

Modern Hire

Interviews are faster, smarter and more candidate friendly with Modern Hire’s interview technology. Schedule and conduct live video, phone, or in-person interviews. Candidate-specific questions are correlated to information provided at earlier stages, and structured rating scales help standardize feedback.

Modern Hire is the intelligent hiring platform that enterprise HR and Talent Acquisition Leaders turn to for smarter job interviews and pre-hire assessments at scale.

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