10 Craziest Things To Eat Before You Die

World cuisine is quite diverse and it may take years before one even gets to understand the basics. Even if you eat a new dish every day for your entire life, you still won’t be able to try everything the world has to offer.

While doing so, you may also come across dishes made out of completely insane ingredients. You may hate such dishes, but someone out there is surely relishing it. If you are the adventurous sort, you may as well give it a try. To understand the options, here’s a look at some of the craziest foods you can eat before you die.

Snake wine – Consumed in Asian countries such as China and Vietnam, snake wine can be made using different techniques. Either the snake’s body can be immersed in rice wine, or the snake’s blood can be combined with alcohol. Snake wine may not be tasty, but it is believed to have medicinal properties.

Century eggs – The name may make you think that the eggs are a hundred years old. But that’s not the case. Century eggs are around a month old and kept preserved in salt, ash, clay, rice hulls, etc. In some cases, the eggs could be preserved even for several months. Inside a century egg, the yolk turns into a dark green jelly whereas the egg white becomes dark brown. Seems a nasty thing to eat, but it is consumed widely in China.

Fugu – Eating Fugu is quite like playing Russian roulette. Many people have even died after eating toxic Fugu. If the toxic material of Fugu fish is not removed properly, one can die after eating it. In Japan, only certified chefs are allowed to prepare dishes from Fugu fish.

Fried spiders – Tarantulas are anyways creepy looking creatures and thinking about eating them seems totally insane. Yet, fried tarantulas are a delicacy in Cambodia. The fried tarantulas are served with a dip made from lime and black pepper.

Witchetty grub – These are a staple among the aborigines in Australia. Witchetty grub refers to large sized larvae that are considered a good source of protein. It can be eaten as is, or roasted or fried. You will need a strong stomach to try Witchetty grub.

Shiokara – Most seafood already has a bad smell. Then imagine a dish made from fermented seafood such as squid. Shiokara is consumed widely in Japan. It has quite a bit of salt and spices to adjust the taste. Moreover, you will probably need a shot of whisky after every bite.

Grasshoppers – Insects are getting increasingly mainstream in world cuisine. One example is grasshoppers that are traditionally eaten in several parts of the world. Fried grasshoppers are the most common. It is believed to have high protein content. Grasshoppers are also getting popular among new-age gourmands.

Sannakji – Octopuses already have a bad name, with movies showing them as monsters. But in Korea, Sannakji is a delicacy. The octopus is cut live into small pieces. What’s bizarre is that the tentacles are still squirming on the plate. Sannakji needs to be eaten carefully, as it is considered a choking hazard.

Puffin heart – This was once quite popular in Iceland. However, new generation folks don’t particularly like the idea of eating Puffin heart. Gordon Ramsay had once tried it and had to face backlash.

Escamoles – Also referred to as insect caviar, Escamoles is essentially ant larvae. It is a popular dish in Mexico. Escamoles are harvested from the roots of various plants.

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