Topps India Leaves Its Mark at Comic Con Bengaluru, Setting the Stage for an Even Bigger Splash in Delhi!

Topps India, the renowned collectibles company, took the Comic Con Bengaluru by storm, leaving enthusiasts and collectors alike in awe with an electrifying showcase of their latest and most sought-after trading cards. The Topps booth, a heaven for card enthusiasts, was abuzz with energy as fans flocked to get their hands on exclusive cards and engage in thrilling activities.

One of the highlights of the event was the Topps Superstar Photo Window, a unique feature that captivated everyone who passed by. Fans reveled in the opportunity to pose with their favorite cards, creating lasting memories and sharing the joy of their cherished collectibles.

The excitement reached new heights with the Spin the Wheel activity, a big hit among attendees. The chance to win a rare card had enthusiasts lining up, each spin adding an element of suspense and anticipation. While not everyone could claim the coveted prize, those who did walked away with a special sense of triumph, holding in their hands a piece of the exclusive Topps collection.

Topps Football Cards and Formula 1 Cards emerged as the stars of the show, garnering immense popularity and selling like hotcakes. Collectors scrambled to secure these highly sought-after cards, showcasing the widespread appeal and influence of Topps in the realm of sports trading cards.

As the Comic Con Bengaluru chapter concluded on a high note, Topps is gearing up for an even grander spectacle at the upcoming Comic Con Delhi (being held from 8th Dec – 10th Dec) Anticipation is building as Topps promises an unparalleled experience for attendees, with an expanded booth, a more extensive range of exclusive cards, and interactive activities that promise to elevate the excitement to new heights.

Topps has always been dedicated to delivering unique and unforgettable experiences for our fans, and we can’t wait to see the excitement unfold in Delhi.

Comic Con Delhi attendees can look forward to an immersive experience at the Topps booth, where the thrill of collecting, trading, and engaging with their favorite cards will be taken to the next level. The company encourages all enthusiasts, both new and seasoned, to join in the excitement and be part of the Topps legacy at Comic Con Delhi.

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