Vedanta Value Added Business Salutes the ‘Iron Will’ of the women of Amona & Navelim

Goa, 14th March 2023: Vedanta Sesa Goa – Value Added Business (VAB), in line with its commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion, marked the International Women’s Day by felicitating women achievers from Amona-Navelim. As part of the #IronLadiesIndia2.0 initiative, Vedanta Sesa Goa has honoured women achievers in various fields such as healthcare, education, social service, and entrepreneurship. These remarkable women were recognized in a special ceremony held at Govt. High School, Amona, Goa, and organized by VAB.

The event aimed to acknowledge the indomitable spirit and exceptional contributions of women from diverse backgrounds, was graced by Mrs. Sulakshana Sawant (Chief Guest), Mr. Saptesh Sardesai (CEO- VAB & Cement), Mr. Ulhas Gaonkar (Principal, GHS, Amona), and Ms. Sandhya Malik (Chief Communications Officer, Sesa Goa). The women achievers were felicitated for their commitment to women’s empowerment and societal progress & for their ‘Iron Will’ in driving transformational changes.

Mrs. Sulakshana Sawant expressed her admiration for the women being felicitated and emphasized upon the importance of their efforts in bringing about meaningful societal changes & progress. She commended Vedanta Sesa Goa for recognizing the efforts of the women community members & its #IronLadiesIndia initiative.

Similar events have been held by Sesa Goa in Karnataka, Gujarat, Orissa & in Liberia (Africa). Expressing his views on the significance of the contributions of women, Navin Jaju, CEO , Vedanta Sesa Goa , said that “At Vedanta Sesa Goa, we’re committed to creating an environment where women not only excel but lead on regional, national, and international stages. Our #IronLadiesIndia2.0. campaign epitomizes this dedication, celebrating the unyielding ‘Iron will’ of women within and beyond our organization. We empower women through various initiatives aimed at fostering economic self-reliance such as Project Jivika & SHGs, promoting inclusivity through sports such as Vedanta Women’s Football League & Sesa Football Academy, alongside technical skill development such as ITI & computer courses. Beyond professional achievements, we prioritize the holistic well-being of our female workforce, offering support such as sabbatical leaves for post-birth care and a ‘No Questions Asked’ work-from-home policy to ensure their mental and physical health. Proud catalysts of their metamorphosis, we shape personal and professional growth, nurturing sustainable societal advancement.”

The event at Amona has served as a platform to showcase the inspiring stories and achievements of women in Amona and Navelim, and this recognition will surely inspire others to emulate the efforts as well.

Mr. Saptesh Sardesai, CEO VAB & Cement expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating: “It’s inspiring to see the incredible contributions of women in communities like Amona and Navelim. Through #IronLadiesIndia2.0, we aim to shine a spotlight on their achievements and amplify their voices. These women are not just role models for their communities but for all of us, exemplifying the strength and resilience that drive positive change.”

Ms. Sandhya Malik, Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Vedanta Sesa Goa, stated, “It has been an absolute honour to witness that the #IronLadiesIndia2.0 campaign has evoked unprecedented, genuine engagement & support from the #SesaGoaCommunity & beyond, which salutes the ‘Iron Will’ of women & is a celebration of their remarkable resilience & strength. For us, it has always been about recognizing women who’ve broken countless barriers to reach the pinnacle of their respective fields, the glass ceilings they have shattered, and the invaluable impact they have had in inspiring us all . Through this campaign, we want to commemorate these women as we aim to inspire a new generation of women leaders, innovators, and changemakers who are unafraid to challenge the status quo.”

The company launched the #IronLadiesIndia2.0 campaign on its digital and other communication platforms & has successfully showcased the laudable achievements of women employees of the Company as well as women from other walks of life as well. Recently the Company felicitated Ms Deepa Malik, Para-athlete & Para-Olympic & World Cup Silver Medallist, Sakshi Kale, National level gold para-athlete & gold medallist & Cecille Rodrigues, performer & social activist. Videos of Vedanta Sesa Goa employees and community women achievers highlighting their journeys, were shared on social media and through other communication platforms. Through this campaign, Vedanta extended an invitation to everyone to join in celebrating and saluting the ‘Iron Will of Women’ who inspire and empower countless others.

The campaign has received an overwhelming response from employees and business partners of Sesa Goa as well as the community at large across all Sesa Goa locations in India and West Africa namely, Goa, Maharashtra, Orissa, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Liberia.

The Vedanta Group demonstrates a strong commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), exemplified by recent initiatives such as the recruitment of women from defence services. Through DEI, the company fosters creativity, broader thinking, and fresh perspectives, contributing to enhanced performance and growth. Several programs have been designed to promote inclusiveness and develop women leaders, including initiatives in corporate and industrial security.

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