VinAI unveils smart mobility solutions: Interiorsense and Surroundsense at CAEV Expo 2024

BENGALURU, INDIA – Media OutReach Newswire – 12 March 2024
– VinAI is thrilled to announce its participation in the prestigious CAEV Expo in Bengaluru, India, on March 14-15, 2024. At the Expo, VinAI will showcase InteriorSense and SurroundSense, two advanced AI solutions for Next-generation Smart Mobility.

Jelly View – Transparent car view feature.

VinAI booth will be located at booth number HB 102-103 at the Karnataka Trade Promotion Center. Visitors to the VinAI booth will have the opportunity to experience these technologies directly through technical simulation equipment, and understand the benefits that VinAI’s products bring to the field of smart mobility.
InteriorSense is a suite of advanced in-cabin solutions that includes the Driver and Occupants Monitoring System (DOMS), MirrorSense, and DrunkSense. DOMS analyzes driver behavior in real-time, detecting drowsiness, fatigue, and distraction. It then issues timely warnings to ensure driver and passenger safety.
Leveraging AI technology, MirrorSense seamlessly integrates with existing in-car camera systems, eliminating the need for hardware upgrades and saving costs for users. This world-first automatic mirror adjustment feature, developed by VinAI, utilizes the camera of a car’s Driver and Occupant Monitoring System (DOMS) to precisely adjust mirrors based on the driver’s head position and gaze, with an accuracy of up to 10mm. This innovative technology earned VinAI the CES 2024 Innovation Award.
DrunkSense, a new AI-powered feature under development by VinAI, uses electronic sensors and driver behavior analysis to automatically detect driver intoxication.

MirrorSense – World first AI integrated & automatic mirror adjustment feature.

SurroundSense offers a suite of features to enhance driving safety and convenience, including Advanced Surround View Monitoring (ASVM) for a 360-degree panoramic view, eliminating blind spots and boosting situational awareness. Additionally, SurroundSense features Jelly View, Homezone Parking, and Touch2Park for a more enjoyable driving experience.
Unlike traditional cameras, Jelly View offers a transparent car view, allowing drivers to see everything around them – front, back, sides, and even underneath the vehicle. This eliminates blind spots at critical angles, enhancing safety and efficiency, particularly on curves, in tight spaces, and areas prone to collisions.
Homezone Parking, the automatic parking space finder, and Touch2Park, the auto parking feature, eliminate the need for ultrasonic sensors, making parking safer and aligning with future trends.
VinAI is a leader in smart mobility solutions for the automotive industry, empowering automakers and suppliers to enhance vehicle performance. By applying advanced AI technology, VinAI has improved safety and driving experiences for millions of drivers worldwide. Their technologies and features are already integrated into various electric car models, including VinFast’s VF e34, VF5, and eBus, as well as those from European automakers.
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