VS Monu Vlog – Enjoying my life is like this

Vishwajeet Singh Monu is a renowned Indian YouTuber cum travel influencer, he just loves to travel all around India by train only. He has very huge and organic subscribers on his YouTube channel named “ VS Monu Vlogs”.

Monu feels travelling acts like therapy for him and nothing is better than packing the bags and deciding the next worthy destinations off your bucket list. Travelling by train promotes happiness and helps you take your mind off stressful situations. Sometimes you also met a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures as well. It also helps you to reflect on your growth and interests. His content is always up to the mark in the way he records every situation he faced during travelling also he shows the reality as well to his audience. He has a very unique bond with his audience he never let down his audience’s expectations. Monu creates content where he informs people how to travel, entertains people by showing them funny incidents that happen on the train and gives a reality check on how the Indian railway government food is actually. Every single day he decides on a new destination to travel to and enjoys the journey. The popularity of his videos has earned him several brand sponsorships and a YouTube silver play button – an award given to the most watched channels.

Vishwajeet Singh Monu loved the journey and the area concurrently. His inner proposal level was so high that scarcity of methods in no way become a quandary in the course of his achievement.

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