Weight-Loss Surgery Restores Testosterone Levels in Obese Men

A large number of men tend to undergo weight loss surgeries in order to battle the bulge and improve their quality of life. Here, we explain to you why weight-loss surgery can be a boon for obese men.

Obesity has become a pandemic now. A majority of men are overweight or obese due to following a sedentary lifestyle, stress, poor eating habits, lack of physical activity, and genetics. Obesity is a bane as it takes a toll on one’s overall well-being. So, have you piled up those excess kilos? Have you tried various types of diets or exercises but failed? Then, the last resort for you can be bariatric surgery. Yes, you have heard it right! Weight-loss surgery can be beneficial for obese men who wish to battle the bulge. There are many types of weight-loss surgeries such as Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS, Gastric bypass, and Sleeve gastrectomy. These surgeries are done by men with problems of sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. One should be at ease as weight-loss surgery is safe when performed with the help of an expert. Furthermore, this surgery can help to increase testosterone levels in obese men.

The connection between weight–loss surgery and testosterone levels: A common weight-loss surgery in obese men may not only help to shed weight but also improve their testosterone levels, inviting other health benefits. After opting for a bariatric surgical procedure called sleeve gastrectomy, obese patients with low testosterone levels may witness a rise in testosterone levels. When men are obese, they tend to get detected with low testosterone. Men with low testosterone are more prone to cardiac events than men with normal testosterone. Low testosterone also causes sarcopenia, a loss of muscle that fastens the ageing process. When the person is obese, the fat is converted to estrogen, which will compete with testosterone and the testosterone levels will dip. Thus, losing weight can be a good idea. One should go to an expert weight loss surgeon who is experienced in performing such surgeries. The surgery is known to help one stay hale and hearty.

The last word: Obesity in men leads to a drop in sexual function and lower testosterone levels. In case you are opting for a weight-loss surgery then just stick to the guidelines given by the doctor only.

Dr Rajat Goel, Bariatric Surgeon, Apollo Spectra, Delhi

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