What Happens If The World Becomes A Single Country?

With around 195 countries, our world is hugely segmented. Wars and conflicts are quite common even in the 21st century. Some people believe that things could be better on the planet if the world unites into a single country. But will that solve our problems?

As it has never been implemented before, it is difficult to assess the outcome when all countries unite to become a single country. However, we can definitely theorize certain possibilities. Some of the potential outcomes of a single world nation are explained below.

Great fillip to tourism – Everyone loves to travel. But one common complaint is the vast amount of paperwork and planning required when travelling to an overseas location. With a single world nation, all such issues will be automatically sorted out. You may still need to carry your identity proof and undergo security checks. But you certainly won’t be needing documents such as passports and visas. You can literally travel the world in your car, without any hassles.

Peaceful borders – Nations may be converted into states or provinces of the single world nation. Most border issues are likely to be resolved before humanity moves into a single world nation. As such, border issues seen in the current context may no longer be a concern. Some groups may still clash, but it won’t be on the scale of a military level conflict. Huge savings can be made, as there will not be any need for troops and weapon systems to be deployed and infrastructure to be developed.

Improved care for the environment – With a single world nation, humanity can come together to work towards preserving the environment. As of now, many countries do not have funds and resources to execute environment-friendly processes. For example, coal is still widely used by many countries to meet their energy requirements. In a single world nation, funds can be allocated proportionately to ensure that environment-friendly processes can be implemented.

Why a single world nation isn’t practically possible?

While a single world nation seems to offer multiple benefits in theory, it is unlikely to be practically possible. Our world comprises various communities, religions and sects. Moreover, there are hundreds of different languages in the world.

There is wide cultural diversity and every country has its own unique cuisine. People may not agree to follow someone, who is not from their own community. World leaders may themselves fail to understand the likings and disliking of specific communities.

For a single world nation to emerge, it is first important to ensure education for all. The divide between the poor and rich also needs to be reduced. World population also needs to be under control. The concept of a single world leader has to be replaced with a team that has members from various communities in the world.

As is evident, a single world nation will require a major overhaul. It is unlikely that we will move towards a single world nation anytime soon. However, it may be possible in the future, supported by advanced tech and automation.

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