What Happens If There Is No Religion?

With more people becoming non-religious, agnostic and atheist, there are talks that world religions are facing a major threat across the globe. Already, around 15% of the world population does not follow any specific religion. And the numbers are rising, as modern lifestyles are weaning people away from their traditional, cultural and religious roots.

With such developments, it makes us wonder if religions will survive beyond 21st century. Can the world live without religion? Do human beings need religion? To answer such questions, here’s a look at what happens if there is no religion.

Lack of faith – If there is no religion, faith that people have in the supreme will take a huge hit. Faith helps us overcome pain and suffering and to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Lack of faith can have a deep impact on the society. It can make us insecure and we may be unable to deal with the various challenges life throws at us. Faith makes us stronger emotionally, something that will be lost if there is no religion.

Increased crime – If there is no religion, crime rates are likely to witness a spike. Most religions provide a sense of ethics and morality, which helps us understand what is right and wrong. Without religion, many people will stop thinking about the outcome of their actions. As there will be no concept of a supreme being, they will not be afraid to commit crimes.

Societal disintegration – When there is no religion, the bonds that unite a society will start to disintegrate. Every religion brings with it various stories, folklore, rituals, cultural practices, traditions and festivals. All of these will be lost if there is no religion. People will find it difficult to relate to each other. Our existence will also become quite machine-like and boring without religion.

Increased anxiety and stress – Most religions talk about a supreme being, which is usually presented as a protector and savior. It strengthens our belief system, which in turn allows us to tackle the challenges in life. Without religion and the concept of savior and protector, many people may find it difficult to deal with the challenges of life. They might experience increased anxiety and stress as a result.

Lonely and sad – If there is no religion, many people will end up being lonely and sad. Religion helps people bond together, which in turn strengthens the social fabric. If there is no religion, people will start feeling isolated. Such situations can lead to widespread melancholy in society.

It is apparent from above points that human existence could be at stake if there is no religion. Of course, religions have their negative aspects. But if we look at the bigger picture, benefits of religion far outweigh its negativities. Lack of religion may make things worse.

Instead of trying to eliminate religions, we can probably focus on fixing the negativities present in every religion. It will contribute significantly towards making this world a better place. It can also help prevent people’s disillusionment with religion and their shift to being non-religious, agnostic or atheist.

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