What kind of Dairy has Max Health Benefits?

The answer to that question may be a bit complicated, as the overall quantum of health benefits derived from dairy products will depend on various factors such as your age, health profile, lifestyle, etc. Here are some insights that will help you choose the right dairy products for maximum health benefits.

Sedentary lifestyle – For officegoers and homemakers with sedentary lifestyle, milk products such as fresh milk, organic full cream milk, curd, and cheese would be most suitable. Elderly people can also benefit from this diet plan. Such people can also try out options such as double toned milk nutrition. People with sedentary lifestyle have limited calorie requirements, and yet they need to get all the essential nutrients on a daily basis. Dairy products, as mentioned above, will supply most of the essential nutritionalrequirements without bulking the calorie intake.

Sports, athletics, and bodybuilding – For people engaged in intense physical activity such as sports, athletics, bodybuilding, etc., their diet will have increased use of dairy products such as several glasses of full fat milk, loads of paneer, milk cream, and butter/desi ghee. What we are basically looking here is calories, nutrition and protein. Rehydration is also an important requirement that dairy products such as fresh milk can easily fulfill.

Youngsters – This group is the most active throughout the day. To keep their energy levels high for academic, social and other pursuits, youngsters can choose dairy products such as organic full cream milk, curd, cheese, and paneer. For a light snack option, they can also try out double toned milk nutrition, which has essentially the same level of nutrients, and yet is lighter on the stomach due to its low fat content.

Babies, toddlers & kids – Babies below 1 year of age should not consume dairy, as their digestive system is yet to be fully developed. Toddlers can be given a range of dairy products, but in limited quantities or as recommended by a health practitioner. Kids need the most nutrition, as they are in their accelerated growth stage. Dairy products such as fresh milk, organic full cream milk, cheese, paneer, curd, and butter/desi ghee are most suitable for growing children.

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