Farm Fresh Milk boosts immunity, fights infections, reveals new study

The findings of a new European study comes as good news to regular consumers of cow milk products such as best fullcream milk, organic curd, etc. The study, which deals with the benefits of farm fresh milk, has been published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. As per the findings of the study, it has been revealed that farm fresh milk can deliver significant benefits such as prevention of viral infections including common cold and respiratory tract infections.

The study was conducted in rural areas of Central Europe and involved a group of women, all of whom were in the late stages of their pregnancy. Half of these women worked in farms and their diet, among other things, comprised of farm fresh milk. Data related to their diet and health of their children was meticulouslyrecorded over a period of several months. When the researchers analyzed the data, they found that children of women who consumed farm fresh milk were a lot healthier, in terms of their resistance to viral infections. Medical experts involved in the study explained that farm fresh milk works in a similar manner as breast milk, which is why it is effective in boosting the immune system. The readings taken during the study showed that farm fresh milk reduced the levels of C-reactive protein, which essentially means that it reduces inflammation.

The findings of the study further revealed that farm fresh milk is particularly effective in combating fever and infections in young children. This supports the growing body of evidence that farm fresh milk works as an effective protective agent against a variety of infectious diseases in young children. Other similar research studies conducted in Europe have also found evidence about farm fresh milk’s ability to provide protection against allergic diseases. One such study showed that children who regularly consumed farm fresh milk had higher levels of T-cells. As per medical science, the higher the levels of these T-cells, the less likely children would be diagnosed for respiratory problems such as asthma.

This study, and several others like it, is helping change conventional beliefs that have often accused dairy products for their high saturated fat content. Such studies involve a large sample size and are based on strict scientific research protocols and practices. It implies that the findings of these research studies cannot be ignored. For everyday life, it implies that people can continue using cow milk products such as best full cream milk, organic curd, etc., and derive the associated health benefits.

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