What to do in High BP?

Taking medications is a must if you have been diagnosed with high BP issues. However, changes in the lifestyle can help you as well in lowering down the numbers. You can successfully control your BP levels by maintaining a healthy life by doing proper exercises, taking in healthy food, managing sleeping habits and more. Here are some of the lifestyle changes for you to consider if you suffer from high blood pressure problems.

1-Shed those extra pounds: With the increase in your body weight, the level of blood pressure increases as well. If you are overweight, your breathing shall be disrupted as well, especially while you sleep, which further results in the increase in blood pressure levels. However, you can adapt ways to lose your weight, and that will help you in reducing your BP levels as well. Even a small amount of reduction in your weight can drastically alter your blood pressure level.

2-Regular exercise is mandatory: You need to put up with the habit of exercising on a regular basis, which is compulsory if you are a high blood pressure patient. At least exercising for 150 minutes in a week can do wonders to your body. However, make sure to remain consistent while working out else it can increase your blood pressure level even further. Jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, and other aerobic exercises are an excellent remedy for dealing with high BP issues.

3-Reduce sodium intake: Reduction in the level of sodium level can help in lowering your blood pressure counts. The effects that sodium has on your blood pressure level vary according to the group of individuals. You must read the label of the food items before you purchase them. Generally, we would suggest you opt for low-sodium alternatives for beverages and food as well. Make sure not to add more than one teaspoon of salt to your food in a day. You can make use of other spices and herbs to make your food flavoursome.

4-Consume a healthy diet: This goes without being said! If you want to improve your health, the prime thing that you need to adapt to your lifestyle is your diet. The food that you consume is the most crucial aspect of determining a balance in the way your body functions. Therefore, in order to lower your blood sugar levels, you need to maintain a healthy diet. You can do this by keeping a food diary. Write down about all the things that you eat on a daily basis. This is a very effective way to monitor your eating habits.

5-Limit the level of alcohol consumption: Alcohol can play a huge role in manipulating blood sugar levels. It can either be bad for your health or can be useful as well. For men two drinks a day and for women, one in a day can lower the level of blood pressure. However, consuming too much of it without paying any heed to the limits, you can lose the virtues of alcohol.


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