What Makes Thanos So Powerful?

Over the years, the Marvel cinematic universe has created a wide variety of villains and antagonists. However, if asked to choose just one, it is likely that most people will vote Thanos to be the strongest and most powerful.

Thanos not only has an unparalleled screen presence and confidence, but is also known for his grit, physical and mental strength, sharp intelligence, special powers and tons of advanced weapons. As Thanos is unlike any other villain seen in the past, it makes us wonder how Thanos got so powerful. To answer that, here are some important things to know about Thanos.

Titan origins – Although it is not shown in the movie, Thanos is actually an Eternal being from the race of Titans. Being a Titan, Thanos has superhuman abilities from birth. If you are wondering why Thanos looks so monstrous, it is due to the Deviant syndrome. It is essentially a genetic disposition that results in a monstrous appearance. But the positive side is that the Deviant syndrome also allows Thanos to synthesize cosmic energy. That is why he is the strongest among most Eternals.

Hyper intelligence – One would think that Tony Stark (Iron Man) is the most ingenious character in the Marvel cinematic universe. However, the intelligence that Thanos possesses is beyond comprehension. Only thing is that this aspect was not properly highlighted in the Avengers movie. Thanos can analyze information and make predictions that others can hardly think about.

For example, Thanos had clearly pointed out the negative outcomes of hyper population. Thanos is the lord of countless planets and he always stays ahead of his enemies. But he ended up being a villain because he chose the wrong methods to achieve his goal.

Focus on continuous improvements – Although Thanos had special gifts by birth, he always worked hard to improve his abilities even further. That involved mental and physical training and development of advanced weapons.

He also focuses on a wide variety of machine implants. And that is exactly how Thanos eventually began thinking about the Infinity Gauntlet. Once he knew about the most powerful tool in the world, Thanos did everything he could to get it. Not even the best of Avengers could stop him.

Extensive experience in wars and battles – Thanos has enormous combat experience. He had fought countless wars and won most of them. He is an ace commander and a brilliant strategist. Combat skills of the Avengers look quite puny in comparison to that of Thanos. It is Thanos’ nature to dominate and believe that he has the responsibility of creating balance in the universe.

Advanced weapons and equipment – Although adept at unarmed combat, Thanos is also known for his vast collection of lethal weapons and equipment. He also commands a vast army of devastating alien beings. Thanos has access to some of the most advanced technologies in the universe. Thanos was able to easily break Captain America’s vibranium shield. Thanos’ armor was powerful enough to withstand the powerful blows of Hulk.

With so many powers, it is likely that Thanos will remain the undisputed king of villains in the Marvel cinematic universe. At least, for the next few decades.

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