What’s New In Android 12?

After being rolled out to select Google Pixel devices last year, Android 12 is now being released for other smartphones from Samsung, LG, Realme, Nokia, Motorola, Asus, Lenovo, etc. If your phone is eligible, it may get the Android 12 update soon. The nineteenth version in the series, Android 12 was publicly released in October last year. It is being considered to be more customizable, safer and intuitive than ever before. If you are planning to try the latest stable version of Android, here’s a quick look at what’s new in Android 12.

Customizable colors – Android 12 lets you choose your own colors, shapes, brightness and motion. It can help personalize the screen to suit your individual tastes and preferences. The changes you make will automatically reflect across the ecosystem including the apps, widgets and notifications. This feature is powered by advanced color extraction algorithms.

Smoother UI – The UI has been updated to be quicker and more responsive. The OS itself has been designed for improved system performance to ensure that taps, swipes and scrolls are super smooth and lag-free.

New accessibility features – Android 12 packs in a range of new accessibility features. It includes area magnification, extra dimming for low light use, bold text view and color correction.

Camera and mic notifications – With Android 12, apps won’t be able to secretly access your microphone or camera. Every time an app has access to your microphone or camera, a notification will be displayed on the status bar. You will have full control to disable or enable access to microphone and camera.

Approximate location – Some apps tend to force you into revealing your precise location. Android 12 has the solution by providing an ‘approximate location’ option. You can choose which apps can access your precise location and the ones that will only have access to your approximate location.

Private Compute Core – A smartphone generates voluminous amounts of background date, which may have sensitive, private information. To ensure this data remains safe from snooping apps, Android 12 has been equipped with a Private Compute Core. It works independently and is isolated from the operating system. Access to this core is allowed only after explicit user approval.

Improved gaming – You can customize gaming for performance or battery life. Plus, you have the option to start gameplay, even as the game is being downloaded.

Scrolling screenshot – Android 12 has scrolling screenshot function that lets you capture the entire page, irrespective of how long it may be.

Easy phone switch – Android 12 has made it easier to switch to a new phone. All your data can be easily transferred via cable or shared Wi-Fi connection.

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