7 Don’ts to Keep in Mind While Studying for Exams

Neetin Agrawal, Senior Vice President, Knowledge, Toppr

Class 10th and 12th board exams are currently being held across the country. Board exams have high relevance and hold a special place in a student’s academic career. Though it is important to keep a few things in mind while studying for exams, some other things need to be avoided too. What not to do while preparing for exams is equally important to know. Students should be aware of things that should be completely avoided in the final days of the exam. Toppr Answr lists down 7 such don’ts while studying.

Comparison with Peers

Humans have a tendency to compare themselves with their peers. This is particularly common for students. While preparing for exams, the tendency to compare with fellow students might increase, thus impacting their preparation. Students should rather trust themselves to concentrate solely on studies. Comparison with peers might only demotivate them right before the exams. Understanding that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses helps in studying with the right mindset.

Underestimating Revision

Any concept, however clearly grasped, requires reiteration to ensure long term retention. Revising concepts that one has understood well helps cement the nitty-gritties of the topic effectively. Students tend to skip revision only to regret it when they fail to recall the learnings during exams. While completing the syllabus is crucial, revising topics that one is confident in helps in boosting exam preparation.

Rote Learning

Commonly referred to as ‘mugging up’, rote learning without understanding the concept is an unhealthy practice. It may seem like a smart hack in the short-term, but it has no value in the long run. While exams do require students to memorize long answers, it is important to do so with a clear understanding of the same. This makes memorization easier.

Referring Multiple Resources

Another common mistake that students make before exams is referring to multiple sources for one subject. Though referring to multiple resources might help in understanding different standpoints, it should be avoided right before exams.Moreover, the reference material must be concise and easy to revise before exams.


Students who tend to bask in the glory of marks obtained in the previous exam go on to take the upcoming exams lightly. However good a student may have performed, consistent efforts are required to succeed in every exam. To maintain a consistent exam performance, students should go through their past answer sheets and make a note of what they missed out. This solidifies the exam preparation and also improves the learning process.

Head Full of Doubts

It is normal for students to have doubts during studies. In fact, having a doubt is in itself a sign of curiosity and willingness to learn. However, with the study load before exams, students often leave doubts unresolved. Doubts that pile up over a period of time may affect exam preparation in a big way. Students should get their doubts resolved in the classroom itself. Additionally, they can use online doubt resolution apps like Toppr Answr to connect with experts and get their doubts answered instantly.

Unhealthy routines

The time before exams is crucial. However one must know that studying at a stretch for long hours is not the way out. It is extremely important to take necessary breaks and maintain wellness of the mind. Students should incorporate short breaks at regular intervals in their timetable. They should also have a set schedule for meditation or exercises. Similarly, a proper sleep cycle of at least 8 hours helps in concentrating better.


The right mindset and positive approach can help students study without fear and stress. It is best to prepare and follow a timetable diligently, revise aptly in the final few days and concentrate well to ensure better outcomes in the exams.


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