Where To Buy Cheapest iPhone?

Apple products such as iPhones are loved across the globe. User preference for iPhones is based on various reasons such as ease of use, easy integration with Apple ecosystem, enhanced information security, product quality and high resale value. With so many benefits, it’s only natural that iPhones are priced higher than most other phone brands. This is often a constraint for people with limited budget. They may want to buy an iPhone, but don’t have enough funds.

For people with limited budget, an option could be to source iPhone from a different country. Due to varying taxes, price of iPhones varies from country to country. Here’s a quick look at countries where iPhones are the cheapest.

Australia – Australia is among the countries where iPhones are priced relatively cheaper. If we consider the latest model iPhone 13, prices start at 1,349 Australian dollar. This is approximately USD 958.

China – This is where a significant percentage of iPhones are actually manufactured. In China, iPhone 13 price starts at 5,999 Chinese Yuan. This is approximately USD 943. Other locations in Asia where iPhones are manufactured include Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore. You can check prices in these locations as well. It is possible that iPhones may be cheaper at these locations.

UAE – iPhones are cheaper in this country, as taxes are relatively low in comparison to other countries. If you are buying an iPhone 13 in UAE, it will cost you 3,399 United Arab Emirates Dirham, which is around USD 925. You can also check prices in other Middle East countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc. These locations usually have lenient policies for consumer goods.

Japan – iPhones are manufactured in Japan, so there’s a natural price advantage. Moreover, taxes are also less. In Japan, iPhone 13 costs 98,800 Japanese Yen, which is approximately USD 860.

USA – Lowest price for iPhone is in its home market United States. Price of iPhone 13 in US starts at USD 799. If you are eying maximum savings, this is where you need to buy an iPhone. Due to its massive market size, prices of most electronic items including iPhones are cheaper than most parts of the world.

If any of your friends or relative is coming back from any of these countries, you can request them to bring an iPhone for you. It won’t be much of a hassle, as the phone can easily fit inside a pocket. You can save significant amount of money, which you can use later to buy accessories or any other stuff.

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