Signs that show Aliens might exist

It’s complicated to answer if aliens exist or not. There are two theories: we are alone in this universe and second, we are not alone. Both are equally frightening for us. Spacemen, extraterrestrials, aliens, call them whatever you want to, they have been seen time and again. Listed below are some signs that show the existence of aliens.

  1. The Battle of Los Angeles

A local Los Angeles air base reported a UFO on 24th February 1942. Over 14,00 shells were fired by the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade during 3:16 am to 4:14 am. Initially, it was thought that the attack was from Japan but in a press conference, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox declared it to be a false alarm. Some UFOlogists said that they were targeted by extraterrestrial spacecraft. Though the unidentified object was hit several times, it did not seem to take any damage and disappeared soon.

  1. The “Wow Signal”

The Ohio State University spotted a surprising vertical column with the alphanumerical sequence “6EQUJ5” which had occurred at 10:16 p.m. EST. After inspecting it, the researchers wrote- “Wow[OM1] which was a signal from 220 million light-years away which was so powerful, it was named the “Wow Signal”. Scientists were baffled to know how a signal could come from so far without using advanced technology.

  1. NASA’s Cover-Ups

Since NASA conceals information from the public, it has led to the belief that they are aware of the fact that aliens exist. Dr Edgar Mitchell who was a part of the Apollo 14 space missions of 1971 say

she was aware of several UFO visits in his career. He mentioned them as people who look strange to us and says their technology is far more sophisticated than ours. Another thing that leads to the suspicion is The International Space Station’s HD live feed being cut when objects are seen in the space.

  1. Encounters

On November 5, 1979, Robert Taylor headed out the forest to check on some saplings he planted. He was shocked to see a large spherical spacecraft infront of him when he reached. Apparently, the ship could change colours to blend into the environment. Two spiked balls rolled out and attached themselves to his pants. Poisonous gas was emitted that resulted in passing out of Robert Taylor. When he woke up, the ship was gone. The police investigation revealed imprints on the forest ground.

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