Which Countries Hate America The Most?

When you are a superpower and tasked with keeping things in order, it is natural to have some enemies. This is applicable for United States in the current world order. It is an unavoidable thing, as it is not possible to keep everyone happy. Due to its foreign policies, US has often been opposed and criticized by various countries. To understand this in detail, here’s a look at some countries that hate America the most.

Iran – US and Iran relations soured after November 4, 1979, when Iranian authorities took control of American Embassy. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were severed subsequently. Even today, there is no official diplomatic relations between the two countries. For US citizens in Iran, it is Switzerland that provides limited consular services. There is no Iranian embassy in United States. In recent times, the conflict has increased due to Iran’s nuclear program. US has imposed a number of sanctions on Iran, which is also a reason for animosity against America.

Yemen – Yemen has been facing political instability and communal conflicts since several years. In 1967, Yemen had severed diplomatic ties with United States, primarily due to the Arab-Israel conflict. However, the political scenario and US-Yemen relations have changed dramatically over the years. The ongoing conflict in Yemen has wide repercussions, wherein around 75% of the population is in need of humanitarian assistance. United States is actively working to provide all the support and assistance to Yemen. However, there are communities and groups that are still opposed to US policies in the region.

Lebanon – While relations between Lebanon and United States have largely been cordial, the communal undercurrents have created anti-America sentiments in the country. According to Pew Research Center, Lebanese Muslims are more anti-American in comparison to Lebanese Christians. Anti-American sentiments in Lebanon were highest in the year 2003 at 71%. As of now, around 40-45% of Lebanese population may have anti-American sentiments.

Palestine – US relations with Palestine have been strained since 1960s. One of the reasons is that US does not give recognition to the State of Palestine. US currently does not have any formal diplomatic ties with Palestinian territories. Palestine also does not have any diplomatic representation in United States. Anti-American sentiments in Palestine are largely due to the conflict with Israel.

Pakistan – While US has formal diplomatic ties with Pakistan, there is distrust among common Pakistanis. Anti-American feelings in Pakistan are largely based on religious factors. It started after 9/11 attacks when Pakistan was used as a base for capturing al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. As of 2022, many Pakistanis believe that US meddles with the political system in the country.

China – Anti-American sentiments in China have been fluctuating over the years. It has increased in recent times, as China is aiming to replace US as the top player in global world order. With US trying to contain China’s growing influence in the Pacific and South East Asia, anti-American sentiments in China could increase further in coming years.