Which Are The Craziest Laws In The UK

Every country has its own unique laws to control crime, govern people and businesses and ensure a free and open society. While most laws make sense, there are some laws that seem completely out of place and weird. Maybe these laws were made several decades earlier and have lost their relevance in the present times.

The United Kingdom also has some very peculiar laws. Even though the country’s judicial system is considered as one of the most mature in the world. To get a better idea, here is a look at some of the craziest laws in the United Kingdom.

No gambling in the library – Wondering who will be gambling in a library? It seems like a far-fetched idea. But still, there is a law that bars people from gambling in a library.

Carrying planks of wood along a pavement is illegal – This is a good example of how old laws become useless in the modern world. As per the rule, carrying wood planks along a pavement is illegal. One can do so only when the wooden planks are being unloaded from a truck and being carried inside a building.

Cannot transport rabid dogs in a taxi – It is unlikely that anyone will attempt to transport a rabid dog in a taxi. But the rule exists even today. It is obvious that the lawmakers were thinking about the safety of taxi drivers. Another related law is that drivers should ask passengers if they are suffering from diseases such as plague or smallpox.

Monarch’s stamp upside down is treason – There is a rule under the Treason Felony Act of 1848 that treats improper pasting of the monarch’s postage stamp as treason. For example, you cannot paste it upside down. Similarly, it is an offence to deface any of the majesty’s coin or currency. However, these rules are no longer followed and are largely treated as a myth.

Cows banned on streets – As per the Metropolitan Streets Act of 1867, it is illegal to herd cattle on the streets during day time. This rule applies from 10 AM to 7 PM. For unavoidable circumstances, one will need permission from the Police Commissioner.

No armor inside parliament – Framed in 1313, the statute disallowing wearing body armor is still in effect today. As per the statute, Members of Parliament are not allowed to wear full body armor inside the Houses of Parliament. This rule was made following the fight that had occurred between two groups of the parliament.

Cannot shake your rug in public – As per the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, Section 60, it is illegal to beat or shake rugs, carpets or mats in the streets. An exception was made only for doormats.

King presented the whale’s head – As per this rule drafted in 1322, the finders of beached whales or sturgeons should follow the mandated protocol. The king should be given the head and spermaceti of the whale. Everything else will be the property of the finder.

No drinking while herding cattle – As per section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872, it is illegal to get drunk while managing cattle. This also applies to drinking while managing horses, operating steam engines, carriages, etc.

A common pet cannot mate with a royal pet – It was forbidden for the common people’s pets to be mated with pets kept at the royal household. Anyone found disobeying this law was likely to face the death penalty. Thankfully, this rule was abolished in 1965.

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