Which Is Most Expensive Wood In The World?

With limited availability, solid wood has been replaced by various other materials such as metal, glass, plastic, engineered wood, particle board, etc. While these can be more affordable, they can never replace the classy, luxuriant feel that comes with solid wood. If you are interested in solid wood, make sure you have enough moolah in your bank account. The exact cost will depend on the type of wood you choose. To help you make informed decisions, here’s a quick look at some of the most expensive woods in the world.

Sandalwood – Yellow colored and fine-grained sandalwood is known for its fragrance that can last for decades. It is often ranked amongst the most expensive woods in the world. Sandalwood is said to have medicinal properties. Oil derived from sandalwood is used in various products such as perfumes, cosmetics, and soaps. Sandalwood can cost around $100 per pound in international markets.

Pink Ivory – Also referred to as red ivory, purple ivory and umnini, Pink Ivory tree is endemic to Africa. It is named as such due to its pink color. Pink Ivory is a hardwood and has a high density, making it suitable for products like knife handles and billiard cues. It can fetch around $150 per pound in international markets.

Ebony – This comes from various tree species belonging to the genus Diospyros. Ebony is preferred for its fine texture, making its suitable for use as ornamental wood. It achieves a mirror finish when properly polished. A unique thing about Ebony is that it is quite dense and can sink in water. Ebony is found in various locations including India, Africa, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. It can cost around $100 per board foot.

Brazilian Rosewood – Dalbergia nigra, commonly referred to as Brazilian Rosewood, is endemic to Brazil. It primarily grows in the Bahia interior forests ecoregion. Brazilian rosewood is hard and heavy and has a metallic resonance to it. It is available in colors ranging from red to varying shades of brown. These characteristics have made Brazilian rosewood a preferred choice for making musical instruments. It is also known to be highly resistant to termites and other insects. In international markets, Brazilian rosewood can cost around $320 per pound.

African Blackwood – Dalbergia melanoxylon, also known as grenadilla and mpingo, is native to specific regions in Africa. African Blackwood is the costliest wood in the world. The tree is usually 4-15 meters tall. It is used by local people and also exported. Primary uses of African Blackwood include fine furniture and musical instruments. It is popular for its lustrous texture and diverse colors that can range from red to pure black. As African Blackwood is scarce, it can fetch as much as $13,000 per cubic square meter in international markets.

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