Which Is The Hottest Place On Earth?

Summers can be excruciating, especially for folks who just can’t handle the rising temperatures. Every person has their own tolerance to heat and it’s interesting to see how some people adapt so well to the summer heat. So, what’s the temperature like in your city during summers and how much heat can you handle? If you think you know heat, think again because there are places on earth that are hotter than hell. To give you an idea, here’s a quick look at some of the hottest places on planet Earth.

Dallol – Located in northern Ethiopia, Dallol is one of the remotest places on earth. The region is marked by natural springs, fumaroles, terrace systems and highly-active hydrothermal system. It was earlier a mining site, primarily used for production of potash. Temperature in Dallol remains above 102°F (40°C) throughout the year and the max recorded temperature was 121°F (49°C).

Turbat – Located in southern Baluchistan, Pakistan, Turbat is close to the Gwadar Port. Turbat is counted amongst the hottest places in South Asia. In 2017, a temperature of 128.7 degrees Fahrenheit (53.7° Celsius) was recorded. This makes it the fourth hottest place on the planet. Turbat is considered a historic city and is a hub for sale and purchase of dates.

Mitribah – This is a remote area located in northwest Kuwait. There is no active population, but it does have a functional weather station. In 2016, a temperature of 129.0 °F (53.9 °C) was recorded, making it the highest ever in the Asian continental region. The temperature reading has been verified by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Kebili – Located south of Tunisia, Kebili is one of the oldest oases in North Africa. Archeological evidence indicates that this place had human habitation since 200,000 years. In present day, Kebili relies primarily on agriculture and tourism. The highest temperature recorded in Kebili was 131°F (55°C), making it the hottest in Africa.

Death Valley – Located in Eastern California, this desert valley in northern Mojave Desert is the hottest place on earth. The hottest point is the Furnace Creek that recorded 134 °F (56.7 °C). Death Valley is also ranked amongst the driest places in United States.

Surprisingly, even extreme heat hasn’t been able to drive away humans. Some of the places listed above have a thriving human population. People do face challenges, but they have managed to adapt to their environment. Moreover, special structures that reduce heat, tools and equipment that provide cooling and local food choices help to fight the heat. The future could be even more daunting for humans, as earth is expected to get hotter due to climate change. This list will be revisited when that happens.

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