Who Will Be The Next Superpower?

In most parts, 20th century was largely dominated by United States. Even today, United States continues to be most powerful in terms of its economy, technology, military might, international relations and cultural influence. However, things are changing fast in 21st century. Exit from Afghanistan without achieving anything credible and recent Russian attack on Ukraine indicates that US superpower status is being challenged.

While it is not certain who will lead the world in future, quite a few contenders could be considered. Here’s a look at some possibilities to understand who will be the next superpower.

China – Various experts and academicians have agreed to China’s status as an emerging superpower. It comes primarily from the country’s prowess in manufacturing, technology and military might. Through trade, loans and infrastructure development projects, China has been able to develop strong relations with several countries in the world. China has made considerable investments in Africa and Latin America, which are a hub for a wide variety of natural resources. Last but not least, China has a large hardworking population that is powering the change in the country.

European Union – Before Brexit happened, many academicians felt that European Union has a chance to emerge as the next superpower. However, things like Brexit may be a temporary setback. Taken together, Europe is the second largest economy, next only to United States. European Union is ahead in various segments such as manufacturing, investment and banking, tourism and agriculture and fishing. France has veto power, which is another advantage for European Union. Being a part of NATO, several European countries have access to the best of advanced military equipment.

Russia – Before Ukraine war, Russia has been focusing on improving its trade ties with several global countries. It has the largest land area in the world and has access to various important natural resources. Russia is currently the second largest manufacturer of natural gas and third largest wheat producer. The country is also known for its prowess in technology and military systems. It remains to be seen how things work out for Russia post its military offensive in Ukraine.

India – With a high percentage of young population and soon to overtake China in headcount, India is considered as an emerging superpower by academicians. India currently has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The country has abundant natural resources and there’s no dearth for human talent. India has also emerged as a startup hub, creating several Unicorns every year in recent times.

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