Why a career in Animation needs a focused training curriculum

Animation is a multibillion-dollar sector that has created a wide range of work possibilities, from technology-based positions like scanning, compositing, digital ink and paint, and game design to creative jobs like visual-effects supervisors, 3D modellers, and character animators. India is also gaining popularity and is already being considered as a key player in international animation production. This crucial role comes with immense responsibility.

Animation currently has a vast application potential, from advertising, education, and storytelling for facilitating awareness about social causes, to providing additional effects to video games, apart from stand-alone entertainment. However, the animated entertainment sector has been growing the fastest, both in India and Internationally. Animated content is no longer viewed as a kids-only content, that can be enjoyed after school or on Saturday mornings while eating breakfast; instead, today, animated movies or series are loved by people of all ages. Animation is important in practically every business because of the use of special effects. The professional market is brimming with opportunities for informed and experienced animation specialists. As a result, qualified animation artists are in short supply. The need for animation talents grows year after year.

In terms of career potential, Animation provided creative people an able and ever growing medium to experiment and express! Animation is a fun art form that captures the minds of aspiring artists all around the world. Animation education is in high demand, whether digitally or on the big screen, making it an excellent time to contemplate acquiring degrees.

There are numerous courses available, either through animation institutes or as independent bundles from animators or e-learning companies. Animation may be available as a specialization within a graphic design, visual arts, or similar degree track in some institutions. Others could provide stand-alone animation programs with specialties such as mobile game development and character animation. However, selecting the best animation courses may be tough, especially for beginners. Because animation is such a large job field, we’ll need to first choose where our skill lies and which area of animation we’d like to enter and study. Training is the most important component of becoming a qualified expert in the field of animation. We must enroll in courses that emphasize technical and thorough creative training and are meant to help students enhance their talents via training and workshops. Furthermore, animation students can frequently prepare for a certain job route by selecting a specialty or area of emphasis.

Career focused training curriculum related to animation.

Development of mobile games

To conceive, prototype, and deliver captivating entertainment, video games require animators’ artistic and technical abilities. Students undertake research, learn about character drawings, and plot creation, and create games for computer and mobile applications using game production technologies.

Character Animation

It is critical for animators to create distinctive and lifelike characters in order to connect with their audiences. Character animation focuses on the aesthetic and technical expertise required to create complex characters and settings. Courses in life drawing, anatomy, colour schemes, clothing, gestures and more teach students how to create a character full of life.

Visual Effects

Students gain competence in producing illusions and simulated events using software applications. They learn how to transform computer imagery into convincing live-action footage. Storytelling, 3D layers in After Effects, compositing in After Effects, and generating and manipulating 3D particle systems are among the subjects covered in the courses.


Learners preparing for this subject get the theoretical and technical knowledge required to design digital advertising strategies. Students study social media tactics, digital branding, and multimedia storytelling for print, television, and other advertising mediums.

Professional development courses allow students to learn about the computer animation industry while also learning how to construct their own brands. Hands-on, project-based learning, independent study, and portfolio creation are highlighted in project and portfolio courses. Students will complete an internship and produce a professional portfolio in addition to many collaborative projects. These courses provide students with all-around instruction to help them create a foundation in animation. After finishing these courses, a candidate might pursue any speciality in the many sectors of animation. Animation courses have made it possible for more people to learn the art and technology of animation. They have introduced more individuals to the great world of animation, resulting in an increase in talent in the area. It is one of the reasons why animation has improved so much in recent years and why an increasing number of individuals are becoming interested in becoming animators.


(Hansa Mondal, COO, Ssoftoons)

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